The Strongest Women Have Loved Ones In Heaven

Vladimir Fedotov

Award winning writer and activist Rita Mae Brown once wrote, "Sorrow is how we learn to love," and one could add: "There is love in sorrow."

There is a special kind of sorrow that best embodies this sort of love. It is the sorrow of loss. It is the sorrow women feel when they remember old friends and family who have gone to rest in heaven. It is the certainty that comes from knowing that her loved ones are never coming back and that a little part of herself died with them.

This sorrow is nothing like the pain that comes after a breakup or a fight. It is the pain that comes from loving someone whose time has passed. It is a bittersweet certainty that tells her that something has ended, but she must still persist and continue.

It is a terrible burden, but she knows that she is strong enough to move on, to find new loves and joys without forgetting the beautiful memories that have gone before. She goes on with her life knowing that she loved a strong and beautiful person up to the very end, and this loving connection has made her strong and will continue to make her strong until her own time has come.

Death may seem cruel to her at first, but wisdom and the conviction also temper her sorrow that she gives her best to the people she loves. She may feel that she was robbed of precious time, but she has also learned to accept these things for what they are - the natural course of human life. And this knowledge reinvigorates her love for other people in her life.

She begins to measure their time with her. She also contemplates how her loved ones affected her life, and how she has affected hers. In her private moments, she remembers the important moments; those times that seem to stand out and make her cry. Those gentle moments bring sorrow, yes, but they also remind her of love given, and gentle times that seem to give meaning to her life and the lives of those around her.

Such recollections remind her that she truly loved them, and such love gives her strength. She also takes solace in the certainty that her loved ones are in paradise, happy, whole and at peace. And she knows that she will join them one day.

These feelings of sorrow come up every once in, but she has gotten used to them by now. When they strike, she feels the loss of her strength and resolves, but she also knows that they never abandoned her. Amidst the pain and suffering is her bravery and love, and they will rise again once the sorrow has passed, and she becomes whole again.

All strong women experience such emotions from time to time, especially when memories of loved ones are brought up, but all strong women have loved ones in heaven, and she draws most of her strength from this certainty.