The Best Thing She Never Had

Daniele Riggi

How do you sleep at night knowing that you lost her, the once in a lifetime’ girl? You just let her drift away into nothingness. She was the girl who did nothing but love you unconditionally.

How could you lose the one who would cross oceans for you? She did not ask for anything else, Just for your love. She longed for you to be there when she needed you. To know that this madness that burnt deep down her soul was mutual.

You were her deepest desires.

She could only imagine a life beside you. She gave no cares for money or material things. All she wanted was you. All she ever dreamt of for her future was to have kids and a life with you. She wanted everything with you. She thought her life would be meaningless without you.

She wanted to love you unconditionally. She wanted to look above all your flaws. She knew she wanted everything you were. The good and the bad. It didn’t matter to her as long as you were there with her.

She was there for you when things went wrong. She supported all your dreams as if they were her own. She never complained of what a burden you were when you had nothing.

All she needed was Loyalty. She needed you to be loyal as she was to you. For you to keep your word that you would only love her alone. She needed to be treated as the great woman she was. She deserved more than you gave. She yearned for the love that you never returned. She needed you to show her that she mattered. That she came before anything else in your life.

She needed someone she could depend on when nights got cold and days run on end. She needed to know that someone understood her darkest fears. That someone would help her face this cruel world.

All you had to do was to try and make it work. Make her hold on a little longer. Show her that you were willing to do whatever it took to keep her.

Was this too much to offer her?

You were her world. You were the only thing that rang in her mind every second. She loved you with every ounce.
To you, she was just another one of your conquests. Just a girl you kept around for some good time.

She only mattered when she could take care of you. You just couldn’t see what stood right next to you.

Do you think there will ever be another better than a once in a lifetime girl?

Absolutely not! You walked all over her hopes and dreams. You broke her. You made her doubt if she was beautiful. You made her doubt if she would ever be able to love. She handed you her heart on a platter only for you to smash it into smithereens. You didn’t value her enough to tell her what she did wrong.

She got sick of it. All the days that she stayed up waiting for you, her heart left. Each time you lied she was one step closer to freedom.

She then realized that you actually did her a favor. She had a chance at love again. She realized that she could matter to someone else. Bravo! You made her stronger and wiser.