Single Showers Should Really Be A Thing, Here's Why

There has been an increase in invitations we get to attend other people’s celebrations such as baby showers and bridal showers. We end up contributing a lot of our hard earned money in making merry of other peoples affairs.

It's a shame that no one has ever thought that we single people also need to be appreciated and celebrated. Leading a single life comes with its own heavy pack of challenges, and therefore it is not bad to acknowledge single people. It's time we introduce single showers celebrations because we believe in who we are. The following are the top reasons why single shower celebrations should be supported.

1. Surviving single for a long time is an achievement by itself.

Do you think it is easy to manage all our financial challenges on one income? We have fought major emotional battles without the support of a life partner. Single showers will be a mental reward for us for standing firm in the face of our emotional challenges.

2. A single shower is an excuse to have a party.

Is there anybody who doesn’t like parties? Since we don’t have spouses, we must come up with a way of having a party to break from the monotonous of our dynamic lives. A single shower is one of the best ways to do this.

3. We deserve the same support we have been offering to others.

A single shower is not a way of being selfish, but it is always good to get the support we have been offering to others. When our friends make progress in their lives, like having a baby, they invite us for baby shower celebrations, but we never have an opportunity to invite them back.

4. It is a way to be positive about the madness.

Being single requires a tough personality. Single life involves disappointments and heartbreaks due to life's shortcomings which should be shared among life partners. It's courteous to support single showers since it is a form of acknowledging that we have survived tough times.

5. It gives us a chance to laugh off our horror stories.

Just like spouses, we have our own horror stories that we need to laugh off in the company of our friends. Can we get a better chance to do this than in single shower celebrations? Certainly, we can’t.

6. Our registries will mostly alcoholic presents.

Our registry will not be expensive. You only need your favorite beer or wine and probably a pizza. This is not a wedding party or a baby shower where a lot is required; single showers are cheap.

7. Singles have personal milestones too.

Couples think that love is what life is all about. No, we are also faced with life challenges such as careers, education and job expectations, that we have to meet all on our own. It would be refreshing to have our friends support to help us celebrate our single lives.

8. We should change over time.

Traditions that used to portray people living a single life as outcasts have changed drastically. It is socially acceptable to find single people even at the age of 40 nowadays. Being single is a milestone by itself that needs to be celebrated just like any other life statuses.