My Ex Turned Me Into A Mean Person, And I'm Okay With That

These days dating isn't really dating anymore, its more late night hookups, clubbing and moving too quickly without getting to actually know each other. Relationships don't seem to mean as much to people as the did many years ago. People move from person to person, not minding who they hurt along the way.

It is easy to fall for a man who will wine and dine you and act as if they will really want to establish a relationship and life with you nowadays because it's not often that guys seem into it anymore. I did this, I fell for a guy who I thought was my forever, my one and only prince charming, but boy was I wrong, and he really almost made me swear off men for good.

After a year and a half of dating this guy and connecting on so many levels with him, it came to light to me that he had been dating other girls and connecting with them in the same ways he did me. He acted as if he was so into me and that he really wanted a future with me, all the while he was telling other women the same.

I felt as if I had been drug through the ringer by this guy. Like I gave him so much of me, all my deepest thoughts, feelings, and the things that I have been through in my life, all shared with him. To find out, in the end, he was all a lie. That I didn't mean as much to him as he portrayed, I felt as if maybe I was just a means to an end for him, and that made me ANGRY. I thought about all the ways I had encouraged him to go for the career that he wanted, I was good to him in every way. I treated him like the future husband that I dreamed of having, so finding out that it was all a game to him made me mean!

I decided that for now on I am going to be selfish, I am going to make choices that please me in my life, and I don't care how that makes people feel. If that makes me mean, then I will be that.

I told my ex where he could stick it, stepping way out of my usual character, into a mean person I never try to be. I told him all the hateful things that he made me feel, with no remorse behind it. I decided I will stick up for myself now and not allow men to use me, or treat me as if I am disposable. I am fed up with men, and anyone else in my life who lies to me. I will not take it anymore, and if that makes me mean, I am okay with that.

Never keep things to yourself to avoid others feeling bad. Don't allow people to hurt you and then walk away with you staying silent. Speak how you feel, and get rid of people in your life who are not making you happy. Some people will call me mean for this, but I call it my life's standards. Make me happy, don't lie to me and play games with me or you won't be around me long.