Choosing Joy In Life’s Darkest Moments

Life has many phases and stages we must go through; whether we like it or not. Some of the times may be happy, while others are dark and full of sadness. We are only affected by what we perceive from the outside, and if we choose to remain joyous even when the world around is crumbling, then we become stronger.

Emotions during trying times are very fragile and brittle, which means that leaning towards positive thoughts keeps you in a stable condition. Dark moments like times when we lose a close relative are very difficult to manage, which is the reason we have to be joyous to stay on top of things. Even as the wave of remorse follows us around seeking to damage us, we can always evolve and develop a coat against all that negative influence by being alert and positive. Dark moments are not easy to manage, and at times they can overpower us and get us into a bad mood that leaves a wrong impression on whoever lets themselves believe the sadness.

Mostly, sadness is not real and just a whiff of feelings that are surreal and simply out of reach of the subconscious. Unless one struggles or strains to get the real impression behind the sadness, they will not be affected, and the temporary feeling will soon run away. A joyful persona will truly stand up the test and trials of the sadness and once you have overcome the bad feeling, you will stand tall over the remains of the dark moment, glorious in your victory.

Life has got its own ups and owns and it's the reason most of us have to learn to maintain the balance of energy and feelings within us before they spread to others and affect them in the wrong way. Being aware of how you are feeling during sad times can mean the difference between breaking under pressure or simply conquering the whole charade. It's important to be aware of who is being affected more by the darkness of life and try as much as possible to distance your emotions from them. These emotions are easily spread between people, and when you are in a good mood, they might interrupt you and leave your entire mind clogged and confused by the bad feelings.

Happy feelings are way more powerful than sadness and will wipe out the bad feelings like sunshine cutting through the darkness. When you are happy, all things about you are lit up with the happy mood, and this is what forms a halo of joy around your face. This also gets you more in control of your feelings and this, in turn, dictates your actions. A factor that has deep implications especially when you are doing something that needs you to be entirely focussed. Be joyful in all things and by so doing, make the darkness flee away from you.