Breaking The Chains of Fear

Alexandru Zdrobau

“Don’t let fear or insecurity stop you from trying new things” – Stacey London

As a woman, you desire to try out a lot of things- clothes, new destinations, foods, careers and even friends. However, most times, you find yourself trying these things in your head, and become so paralyzed by fear to actualize them.

You are afraid of meeting or approaching new people. We have all been there before. Staring at the man of our dreams from across the coffee shop. Willing our legs to carry us forward and get us to our dream, but our mind speaks another language – a language of fear and self-doubt.

“He will reject me,” or “he will think I am the most stupid woman in the coffee shop.” So you sit. From a safe distance, watching and wishing. You live life watching from the sidelines, wishing you were brave enough to be that girl. The girl who takes it all.

Fear creates a vicious circle that goes round and round, spinning faster and faster. You add its fuel daily by fearing, so it keeps spinning faster, and faster until your life is a series of dreams and wishes. Regrets, fear, and bitterness are your comforts.

You want to move ahead so bad and leave the past behind you, but fear holds you back. Fear keeps you tethered around your comfort zone – telling you that you are better than most. You look at the greener grass on the other side of the fence, but the tether of fear keeps you within the perimeter of your surroundings

So you stay in your surroundings of mediocrity. Where nothing is better than failure. You feel comfortable living with what you are used to rather than step out and see what lies beyond the horizon.

Fear should not hold you back from growth but only from danger. Unchecked fear holds you back from becoming the best you can be.

Do not be afraid of falling, for broken pieces are joined together by the glue of experience to become a much stronger vessel. Whatever it is you fear the most, make it a challenge. Face the challenge with courage.

Break loose the chains of fear. The chains that bind you within a boundary called the comfort zone. Step outside your comfort zone and take the pain and the joy as they come. Live a life of fulfillment - not from never failing, but from being brave enough to face your fears and to pick yourself up each time you fall.

Let your failures be the source of your strength in your weakness. Let your fear be the source of hope that your life is worth a bigger purpose. A purpose so big it humbles you. Arm yourself with courage and confidence, that it is your destiny to conquer your fears.

Do not let the discomfort of trying something new scare you. But from it draw inspiration, for discomfort results in growth. I challenge you today to walk up to your greatest fear and do the things that scare you the most.