5 Ways To Feel Better When You Are Having A Bad Day


Sometimes we try so hard to make the best out of our day but some days are just awful. The big question is; during overwhelming days, what do you do to make them better? What are the ways to tackle these days when they strike? What are the strategies to make them feel better, or at least lessen the drama and confusion associated with them? Below we are going to look at five scientifically proven ways to help you feel better during stressful days. 

1. Keep telling yourself its temporary

The main tip to help you feel better during a bad day is to remind yourself that it is temporary. A day might turn out to be awful and gloomy but no matter what happens it will eventually end. If you are dealing with an ongoing problem with your life, remember, no matter how long it takes it will ultimately end as well. This is the key to dealing with bad days.   

2. Make a change

Normally, don't think too hard or too long about those things that went wrong or are happening the way that you don't want in your life. Maybe you might have avoided dealing with some issues earlier, and that is why they have come to haunt you later. No matter the situation the key to feeling better during a bad day is to recognize your problem and avoid to dwell on it.  

3. Use gadgets

You can consider using the gadgets that you have at your disposal to relieve you such as smartphones, iPad, and tablets. Choose an app that inspires you and plays games, or queues your favorite playlist and listen to it. Such activities will help you to feel better on a bad day.  

4. Stay connected

Someone to talk to is another way you can make your bad day feel better. You may not have family members or friends at all but you might be able to connect in other ways to people. Grief is a so lonely and an isolating experience during an overwhelming day. Thus, connecting with people is something that might be of help.  

5. Get support

You can look for grief groups where you can reach out for support. If you are feeling suicidal in any way, it is recommended you get help from a hospital, emergency helpline or a health care provider that you can access in your area. A great support and reassurance go a long way in alleviating the feeling associated with bad days.