5 Things People In Their 20's Want


1.    A Job They Love to Do. 

20-somethings don’t want to spend a lot of time doing something that they don’t enjoy. They want a job that they are going to love and that will help them truly love getting up in the morning, which means a position that they can enjoy. 

2.    To Help People. 

Being there for others and supporting the things that they need is relevant to this age group. The younger population is more and more concerned with what they can do for others and less concerned about making millions for themselves. 

3.    Something to Be Passionate About. 

This age group wants to be dedicated to a cause. They want to work for animals or the homeless or refuges or any disadvantaged group. It’s not so much about the prominent organizations like Alzheimer’s or Relay for Life (though those are good for many too). Now it’s about the people who seem not to have a voice rather than medical research.   

4.    To Explore Their Life. 

They’re not afraid to explore the world and be themselves anymore. It’s not just about sitting back and being a secondary character in their own story. It’s about really living their life to the fullest and not letting anyone shame them into feeling like less than what they want to be. It may be going to new places in the world, trying out a new job or just about anything at all, but they want to be able to try new things, whenever they wish continually. 

5.    To Dream Big. 

No one wants to be told they can’t achieve something, but for 20-somethings it’s even more important to be able to dream big and believe that they can entirely achieve anything that they want in their life. They want to be able to imagine significant and accomplish those things, without having to worry about the practicality’ that everyone wants to talk about so often.