10 Tiny Ways To Love Yourself More Than You Did Yesterday


Life struggles can be so overwhelming leaving very little time for us to embrace, accept and love ourselves. There is the need for us to stop discrediting ourselves because of our imperfections. We should learn to be our own best friends rather than being our own best enemies. Let us open doors for more intimacy, love, empathy, and care. Here are the best ten ways you can love yourself more every day. 

1.  Tell yourself what you like about yourself.

It is essential for you to know how great you are. Speak to your inner self about the enormous potential that is within you. Stand in front of that mirror and declare the love for the person standing before you. 

2.  don't look for the approval from others.   

Always remind yourself that we are not all the same. Don’t spend so much energy seeking for recognition from others. Your time is so precious to be devoted to negative things that people might say about you. 

3.  Avoid negative minded people.

A wrong relationship is the worst form of relationship one can be in. If you realize that the ship you board is headed in the wrong direction jump out hastily. Keep friends who share the same vision with you. Friends who inspire and motivate you. Know that you are so precious to spend time with people who are not supportive.  

4.  Forgive your past self.   

Actions from your past should not torment you. You are just but a human being who is prone to making mistakes like any other being. Forgiveness to oneself is the best thing you can do to yourself. Forgive yourself and look forward to a better tomorrow. 

5.  Make constant changes in your life.

Act differently and focus more on positive things that will bring changes to your life. Move away from things that drain your mind, soul, and mind and concentrate more on that fulfills and empower you. 

6.  Be grateful for what you have now.   

Know that our desires and aspirations will come at the most appropriate time. You might not have achieved what you want but always learn to appreciate every stage of our life. 

7.  Do something every day that makes you happy.   

Do something that will always uplift your spirit.  Learn about things that will still move you. If singing lights you up, sing. If swimming warms you up, swim.  

8.  Give yourself a fair chance to explore new ideas and opportunities.   

Give yourself the rare opportunity to discover, and surprisingly it will always drive you to what awaits you.  

9.  Be honest with yourself and listen to your intuition.

That inner voice that speaks to your soul needs your attention. Silently listen to it, and it will give you guidance in life.  

10.  Believe in your abilities.   

Your abilities are unique and working towards identifying them is crucial. Love those unique skills and know that they will take you far.