Dear Friend, I’ve Come To A Place Where I’m No Longer Happy, So I’m Leaving You

I simply wasn’t happy in the friendship anymore.

When Were You Born? Every Month Tells A Different Story, Read Yours Here...

January - Pretty/great looking. Adores getting dressed up. Get bored easily. Fastidious. Only sometimes demonstrates feelings. Sets aside space and time to heal when hurt. Sensitive. Rational. Difficult. Stubborn.

What's Left After Dating A Narcissist

Narcissists have mastered the art of disguise, and a woman dating a narcissist will never be aware she is dating one until it's too late.

Surprises That Women Love But Never Ask You to Give

Women will always appreciate small romantic surprises no matter what her personality is.

Life Lessons I Only Learned Because He Cheated On Me

A lot of women have suffered the tremendous heartbreak from this utter betrayal at some point in their lives.

Weird Lingo That Makes Ghosting And Caspering So Basic

We live in an age of read receipts, what appears to be socially acceptable on-line stalking and dating apps, a new lingo has become the norm and it’s downright confusing for some of us.

Inspirational Quotes About Life, Love, And Happiness

To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don't need to be accepted by others.

Traits Men Subconsciously Look For In A Woman

Have you any idea when you catch a man checking you out or giving you the subtle once-over, what traits he is subconsciously looking at and finding attractive?

Wondering Whether You’re A Narcissist? You’re Probably Not!

If you ask yourself am I a Narcissist, it’s pretty safe to say you’re not, quite simply because a narcissist wouldn’t truly ask that question of themselves as they think there is nothing wrong with them and their behavior.

Why Your Foul-Mouthed Friend Is the Best Friend You Could Ever Have

We've been taught time and again that swearing is wrong, but how many of us actually believe that?

Why Smart Women Are More Likely To Remain Single

Being smart is an admirable virtue, and every man strives to be with such a woman.

Wearing Your Boyfriend’s Clothes Is Good For Your Overall Mental Health

I know you hate that feeling when your man is not around.

Significant Differences Between A Life Partner And A Soul Mate

Often, individuals confuse the words soulmate and life partner. The truth is, even though the two sound similar, they have entirely different meanings.

Expectations Will Almost Always Leave You Disappointed

Have you ever been so hyped up about something only to discover that you might have set your expectations too high?

Nice Guys And Good Men Actually Have Nothing In Common

People are often confused about whether a man is good or nice.

Ways To Tell Whether Or Not You're An Outgoing Introvert

Are you ever confused if you are an introvert or extrovert?

#MaleThoughts - Is he Interested In Me? Signs He Is Interested In You

We all have that one friend or are even that one person who, despite being shown all the right signs a guy is interested in her, is still unsure. I often find myself in this situation where I second-guess myself. Maybe he is just being friendly, maybe he flirts with everyone, maybe he’s only trying to be nice to get into my pants…We have all been through these mind-numbing scenarios.

#MaleThoughts - What To Do When The One You Like...Likes Someone Else!

So you've found someone you really like and things seem to be going well...then you find out that they are actually into someone else...what do you do next? ...move on...seriously!

Writing Secret Admirer Letters - How To Do It The Right Way!

Lets state the obvious first...the most common writers of love letters are women. We as women are more emotionally charged and because of that we find the most inspiration in quotes.

Expressing Yourself To Your Partner...

One of the biggest things that hold someone back from expressing themselves and how they really feel is's not about touch but rather trust and believing in yourself. A huge reason why many people aren't expressive is because they are uncomfortable about something. Think back to the last person you started dating that you held back from...why was that?