Girlfriends Ranked From Worst To Best (Based On Their Zodiac Sign)

Ever wondered where your girlfriend ranks when it comes to being good or bad? Chances are that you have never thought about it. However, did you know that your girl’s attitude, character, and behavior has something to do with her zodiac sign?

If You’re Feeling Sad That You've Been Single For Another Year, Think About This

With this year coming to a close, many people are looking forward to bringing in the new year by spending some quality time with their soul mates or spouses.

Highly Sensitive People Are Really Angels With Broken Wings

Being sensitive has merits and demerits in equal measure.

Educated Empath, You Are A Sociopath’s Worst Nightmare!

Being an empath means you have the ability to feel another's energy. Empaths can feel the emotions and feelings of those around them. They can tell when someone is lying, being fake or has a hidden agenda. They trust in their intuition, and it never fails them.

Empaths Are Tuned Into The Frequency Of Truth — You Can’t Lie To Them

Empaths are highly attuned to other people’s moods, both good and bad.

If You’re A Mom Who Is Going Through Hell, You’re Not The Only One, And You’re Not Failing.

Motherhood, in fact, parenting in general can be tricky, messy and chaotic.

You Should Never Compare Yourself To His Ex. You Are Beautiful And Unique, That's Why He Chose You

So, you’ve met this new guy. You two seem to really hit it off and are enjoying spending time together. Yet there is one elephant in the room between you both, his ex.

Lessons By Confucius That Inspire You To Change Your Life

Confucius is one of the most influential people that have ever lived on earth. His philosophies touch morality, ethics and the main life principles of human interaction.

Behaviors That Emotionally Hurt People Display Without Realizing

Sometimes the person you thought was the love of your life ends up leaving you. You remain heartbroken with deep wounds, and you don't know when they'll heal.

Hugging Can Be The Most Beautiful Form Of Communication

Hugging is one of the oldest gestures known to man. It is a gesture that's associated with love and affection. It's also meant to convey comfort in times of distress and intimacy in romantic situations.

When A Man Will Deeply Regret Losing A Good Woman

If you lose a good woman, no matter how much you try to win her heart again, you will never bring her back.

You Pushed Her Away And Now You're Paying The Price. A Mans Conscience Telling Him The Truth For The First Time In His Life

Look at you sitting alone in your bedroom at 4 A.M. wondering what she is doing, who is she with, does he make her happy where you failed, and thinking about her decision to leave you.

Signs Of A Strong Woman That Make Her Stand Out From Everyone Else

Some women choose not to let the storms that life throws in their way steal their joy.

I Left My Wife And Family And Started A Life With Another Woman

The day we walked down the aisle still remains the best day of my life, but to many people’s surprise, our marriage didn’t go beyond the seventh year.

Signs That Show You've Finally Found "The One"

Why is it so hard find someone that we spend so much of our lives looking for, and how can you tell if the person that you found is 'the one'?

Inside The Mind Of A Woman Broken By An Emotional Psychopath

I saw other people stuck in toxic and abusive relationships, and it never crossed my mind that it could happen to me.

She Wanted To Stay, But You Pushed Her Away

You had a partner who promised her life to you, but you replaced her love with doubts and barriers.

What Happens When You Meet A Good Man After Being In Toxic Relationships

Meeting a good guy after a toxic relationship is always a breath of fresh air.

In A World Full Of Bad Boys, I Love Them, You Love Them, We All Love Them, Hell Yeah

We do love bad boys, don’t we? Makes no sense but there it is.

My Letter To The Man Who Emotionally Destroyed Me, I Never Sent

I didn’t have the opportunity to say goodbye, you saw to that in your cold, selfish, uncaring way. I need closure, so this letter is my way of getting that, although you will never see it.