The Struggle To Overcome Emotional Trauma

I genuinely believe there is nothing worse than feeling like you are stuck in a rut.

SELF-CARE Don't Get It Wrong

For quite a while, I thought putting a need on my prosperity was childish.

Second Thoughts About Getting Personal In The Work Place

Nelly laughs lightly as she enters the office. The manager holds her by the waist, and the door locks behind them. She’s been away on a business trip for one week.

Why You Push People Away In Relationships

Human relationships are tricky to navigate. Even in the best of times, they can be quite complicated.

I Loved You; I Lost You - And Now I'm Crying Over You

From that very moment I came to realize that I could actually live through a day without you is the day I knew I had truly lost you. The feeling of true loneliness hits you, and you start to feel like your whole world is crumbling down. I've got to say, I guess I kind of saw it coming.

If He Does These 5 Things, Keep Him

There comes a time in our lives when we say enough is enough to meaningless relationships and flings. We want to have that deep connection with someone who makes you feel unique and important to them. Someone who actually knows your worth and treats you the way you deserve to be treated. Someone who makes you happy.

The Only Way To Attract The Kind Of Love You Deserve

What is the true meaning of love? That’s a question that I always come across on social media, and I’m left wondering on why the rising concern about the real meaning.

Mom, I'd Die If I Lost You.

It was just the other day I watched an episode of Modern Family titled Mother. Maybe you have seen it too. It was an illustration of how often families turn mothers into monsters. You know, how often we cast blame on them.

8 Telltale Signs Your New Relationship Is Moving Too Fast

Often, when you find yourself in a new relationship, you’re so infatuated that the relationship can move too fast. Though you may have the best intentions of taking things slowly, you can get so caught up in the moment that you lose sight of the fact that the relationship is still new.

9 Ways To Make Your Partner Feel Loved, Without Saying A Thing

I love you. These three words have largely lost their meaning in today's world because they are so overused.

Why Do We Run Away From The People We Love?

Do you want to be in love but once things start getting serious, you sabotage the relationship? Are you scared to love? Or be loved? You meet a guy, you like him, and then you start to see each other more often, you get intimate, and things look great.

I May Never Get Married, And That Is Completely Okay

The wedding bells are ringing, and the entire neighborhood is in a buzz. The excitement is evident, but the apprehension is creating the suspension. One by one, people who are my age are tying the note and settling down to live happily ever after.

How To Use Past Failures For Future Success

We’ve all been there.

8 Things The Guy Who Is Going To Date My Sister Needs To Know

Just so we are clear from the get-go, my sister is the only sibling I have and will go the extra mile to keep her entirely happy.

17 Habits That Prove You’re A Confident, Independent Woman

If you think that you’re not independent enough according to the standards of modern society, well you’re wrong. Lots of women think that they need to be more independent even though they already are. Here are 17 telltale signs that you’re already an independent woman.

Here's When To Give Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend A Key To Your Home

Thinking about giving him/her the key to your home is both as terrifying as it is exciting. Since it is opening the door to a new level of commitment and intimacy.

Why I Would Be The Girl Of Your Dreams

The road to love and happiness is not easy. It takes plenty of wrong turns to make the right one finally. I’m yet to make a right turn, but I believe the right guy is just around the corner.

9 Ways To Tell If Your Partner Is Untrustworthy

Trust is a fundamental requirement for any relationship to flourish. It is earned and not just given for free and for this reason, it is vital that you look out for signs that tell you whether you can trust them or not. You never know, maybe he's not just that into you. We sometimes have that gut feeling that our partner could be cheating on us.

What Not To Do After A Fight With Your Husband

Fights between married couples are normal and even healthy.

6 Greatest Things About Sharing A Bed With Someone

There are some undeniable joys about sleeping alone in your bed.