When He Rarely Messages You First But Will Always Message You Back Straight Away

I suffer from anxiety so a read receipt on an iPhone is my worst enemy, especially when I sit there wondering why he had the time to read my message a few hours ago but hasn’t bothered to respond yet, or to make it worse I am always sitting there thinking, why am I the one that always has to put the effort in.

Your Zodiac Sign As A Mother Can Say A Lot

Whether you believe astrology or not, you might be surprised to learn what your zodiac sign says about the type of mother you are or will become.

The Beauty And The Pain Of Meeting The Right Person At The Wrong Time

There's no question when someone ‘fits' you. 

Reality Check: He Will Never Leave His Wife For You

So you’ve probably been in a relationship with someone who is married, a lot of women out there have and I am happy to put my hand up and say I have to.

I Don't Care I If End Up Alone, I'll Never Be With Someone Who Does These 8 Things

I am not young anymore. I have been in a number of relationships; some great, others not so much. Now that I am older and a little wiser, I have come to realize that I deserve nothing short of the best that there is out there.

11 Manipulation Methods Narcissists Use To Get Inside Your Head

If there’s one thing narcissists care about – it’s themselves.

Being Single Is Better Than Being With Someone Whose Soul Doesn’t Match Yours

It hurts to love and not be loved back. Some people try forcing a relationship to work even if they know that it never will. No matter how much you try to impress that person, if the two of you are not meant to be, pain will always be the outcome. Should you remain single or be with someone whose soul doesn't match yours?

No More Mrs. Nice Girl - I'm Done Tolerating B*llshit!

I used to be a caring sweetheart until I discovered that no one cares about you until they have something to gain from you. I have been a fool for too long. However, I have learned that I am the one who needs to care for myself.

What Happens When You Fall Head Over Heels In Love With A Girl Who Loves Wholeheartedly

You have put yourself out there before and dared to love. You’ve known what unrequited love feels like. One too many times, you’ve had your heart broken by someone who said they loved you. It’s all left a bitter taste in your mouth, and you convince yourself that love just isn’t for you after all.

A Real Woman Doesn't Care About Material Possessions - She Craves Unconditional Love And Attention

Some women need material things to be happy, but real women can be happy without a lot of possessions at their disposal.

Here's Why A Woman Will Leave You Even Though She Loves You

While women break up with men for a vast array of issues, there is one overwhelming truth that men need to know: a woman will break up with you even though she loves you.

Strong Women Would Rather Be Alone, Than Waste Their Lives On Immature Assholes

Dating can sometimes be tedious. Dating is supposed to be a source of relief, fun and charming, but nowadays, dating is the most significant source of fear and unnecessary anxiety among many people. No wonder the whole idea of being in a relationship is flawed. We’re obliged to sift through humanity trying to find our perfect match.

Inside The Narcissist’s Wicked Mind And Their Make-Believe World Of Illusions

You know them. You probably spend most of your time with them. Narcissists are everywhere. They could be our friends, colleagues, partners or even family. Pretty much everyone has met one of them at some point in life.

Why People Often Can't Understand Deep Women

Most men are not strong enough to understand deep women.

Fucks You Have To Stop Giving To Become A Grown & Mature Person

A natural expectation of life is for it to be a fair, love-makes-the-world-go-round, Golden Gates experience where people generally respect each other's wants and needs.

Things A Man Will Do Only For The Woman He Truly Loves

Men and women are wired differently when it comes to expressing emotions.

Stages Of The Relationship Between A Narcissist And An Empath

A narcissist and an empath are different kinds of people with totally different personalities.

A True Relationship Is When Two Imperfect People Choose Not To Give Up On Each Other

Would it surprise you to learn that the couples you adore and look up to so much could be having endless fights behind closed doors?

Be Brave Enough To Leave When You Have Nothing Left To Hold On To

Sometimes, the hardest part of a relationship comes when we have to say goodbye to our partners.

If A Man Really Wants You, He Will Go After You (It's Not That Complicated)

You've probably been in a relationship where your man showed little interest in you.