I'd Rather Come Across Bitchy Than Fake

How many times are women going to be called bitches because they would rather please themselves than others?

Trick Oreo Treat At Baskin Robbins Is Back As The October Flavor Of The Month

Oreo Cookies N’ Cream is one of the standard favorites at Baskin Robbins ice cream stores throughout the country.

Trix Cereal's Fruit-Shaped Pieces From The ‘90s Are Making A Glorious Comeback

Do you still remember the fruit-shaped Trix cereals that we loved before? Guess what? Trix is going to bring back the fruit-shaped pieces that it was known for especially in the 90s.

Welch's Frozen Avocados Are Available In Grocery Stores & They're A Budget Game-Changer

You may have gotten wind of the financial controversy surrounding avocados. If you didn't, let me break it down for you, so that we're on the same page here. An Australian Businessman, Tom Gurner, claimed that many millennials couldn’t afford homes because they spent the money on buying avocado toasts!

Applebee's Dollar Zombies Are Available All Through October — Here's What They Taste Like

October is the month of spook. Everyone is hyped up with setting up ghoulish decorations. Stores have all come up with their Halloween themes, and it seems that Applebee’s is joining in! Applebee’s is offering us a dollar drink of the month for October, and it's called the Dollar Zombie.

Wearing Black Clothes And What It Says About Your Personality

Many people have many ways of expressing who they are and what they feel inside.

Are You An Indigo Child? These Signs Will Reveal The Truth

Indigo children, sometimes referred to as crystal or star children are upgraded blueprints of humanity.

A Letter To The Insecure Girl

I know how you like to take your whiskey, straight up, on the rocks. You think chasers are for amateurs. You walk right up to the bar and order a shot, or two, maybe even three. You sit there placing your coat on your lap, slightly exposing your new dress. Your make up is always done to perfection. You came to slay. You sit there wondrously, waiting for your friends to turn up. As you look around, the little voice in your head can’t help making comments about the other night owls.

The Return Of Granny Panties And Why We Couldn't Be Happier

When most people hear the words granny panties, what comes to mind are the words old, boring and ugly.

7 Secrets That All Women Keep

Ladies, it's no secret that we all have secrets!

5 Things That Specialists Don’t Recommend Doing At Night Before Bed

People seem to be taking on more and more responsibilities nowadays. So much that they seem to forget the many things that getting the proper amount of sleep helps.

5 Healthy Habits Every Grown Woman Should Have

As we get older life tends to get busy, and it seems like we don't have much time for ourselves anymore.

17 Signs You Are An Indigo Child

Indigo children are children born possessing special or supernatural abilities and traits. The concept was studied, developed and made popular in the 1970s. Indigo children are believed to be a new generation of children who are more empathetic and creative, expressing themselves in increasingly newer and more unique ways.

Here's Why My Best Friends Are My Kindred Spirit Sisters

In our lifetime we will be drawn to people for a reason. We connect with different people in very profound ways, and it doesn't always have to be romantic. Our best friends become part of our kindred spirit, also known as a "soul mate" sisters.