Hooking Up

Why Dating When You’re Bored Is A Bad Idea (I Ended Up With The Worst Kisser Ever!)

One of the experiences I had when dating because I was bored ended up being one of the worst things I had ever done.

Why Younger Women Are Attracted To Older Men

There have been many times I have sat either talking to friends or even a psychologist or two and they have told me that my attraction to an older man or dating older men has something to do with “Daddy Issues”. Anyone who has been or is currently going through this would have heard this line before themselves. I can say in my experience, it’s not true.

Different Kisses And Their Hidden Meanings

According to some scientists, it is believed that kissing is more important to women than it is to men. Women actually use kissing to determine the suitability of their partner.

Guys Are Turned On By Their Girlfriends’ Farts, Science Says

Different things can turn men on. But did you think of farting?