I Suck At Modern Dating Because I Don’t Like To Wait

To be candid, I am tired of the kind of practices prevalent in the modern day hookups - judging a man as a perfect man within five seconds, replying a message with the perfect response that makes you appear interested, among others. I feel the urge to give you reasons why the so-called social-media-kind-of-love sucks.

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Just so we are clear from the get-go, my sister is the only sibling I have and will go the extra mile to keep her entirely happy.

My Reasons To Stop Dating

People say dating offers a magical experience, but I have grown tired of it. Yes, in the beginning, it is all fun and excitement, but as time passes, it starts feeling like a burden. It leaves me feeling like a bird with its wings clipped.

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Nobody ever sees themselves ending up as a cat lady, those women who go well into their 30s, 40s, and beyond with only their feline friends for companionship.