She Survived Domestic Violence. Now You Want To Date Her

A survivor of domestic violence will always be on high alert for any potential repeat offenders.

Why Men Are Intimidated By Women Who Are Strong and Independent

It might be a fact that men are scared of powerful women because powerful women don’t need men.

The More Educated You Are, The Less Guys Want To Date You

Most guys are intimidated by smart, strong women.

How to Find a Good Man And Avoid The Duds Altogether

Finding the right partner can be difficult. Here are some tips that can help you find your perfect match while avoiding the duds at the same time.

You're Feeling Me? Cut The Vibes And Let Me Know Then

Guys, it's not okay to keep a woman guessing. Your job is to be upfront about what it is you want. If you're attracted to me, the least you can do is let me know about it. Otherwise, your feelings of attraction won't be much help to either of us.

Why Some Men Love Bitches

Some women love bad boys, so it should be no surprise that some men love bitches.

Dating Sucks So I’m Giving Up On It

Many times dating is just a constant string of disappointments and embarrassments.

Why Dating Resumes Should Really Be A Thing

We are so used to writing cover letters and resumes for finding new jobs in life, and yet it's not something we ever thought to do for our romantic lives.

I Started Dating Myself & My Entire Life Improved…

Remember that amazing feeling when you are going on a date with your loved one?

Weird Lingo That Makes Ghosting And Caspering So Basic

We live in an age of read receipts, what appears to be socially acceptable on-line stalking and dating apps, a new lingo has become the norm and it’s downright confusing for some of us.

Traits Men Subconsciously Look For In A Woman

Have you any idea when you catch a man checking you out or giving you the subtle once-over, what traits he is subconsciously looking at and finding attractive?

Why Smart Women Are More Likely To Remain Single

Being smart is an admirable virtue, and every man strives to be with such a woman.

Nice Guys And Good Men Actually Have Nothing In Common

People are often confused about whether a man is good or nice.

#MaleThoughts - Is he Interested In Me? Signs He Is Interested In You

We all have that one friend or are even that one person who, despite being shown all the right signs a guy is interested in her, is still unsure. I often find myself in this situation where I second-guess myself. Maybe he is just being friendly, maybe he flirts with everyone, maybe he’s only trying to be nice to get into my pants…We have all been through these mind-numbing scenarios.

#MaleThoughts - What To Do When The One You Like...Likes Someone Else!

So you've found someone you really like and things seem to be going well...then you find out that they are actually into someone else...what do you do next? ...move on...seriously!

Writing Secret Admirer Letters - How To Do It The Right Way!

Lets state the obvious first...the most common writers of love letters are women. We as women are more emotionally charged and because of that we find the most inspiration in quotes.

Why Do I Miss My New Partner So Much? What Does It All Really Mean?

So you've been seeing your partner for a while now and you've been missing them a lot you're wondering why you're missing him when a few hours pass by? Well the most likely answer is that you are becoming emotionally attached to them...your feelings do get stronger over time and this happens when you are especially close to each other and tend to share almost everything.

Men Say They Want An Intelligent Woman...Until They Date One

When you ask a man what type of a woman they would like to date, they will suggest that she has to be smart. After they give descriptions such as in good shape, a beautiful face, a good character, and ambitious, 86% will add an intelligent woman to the list.

What To Do When The Guy You Like, Is Interested In Someone Else

So you’ve found someone that you like and haven’t quite plucked up the courage to say anything for whatever reason, most likely a fear of rejection.

What It Means When He Doesn’t Compliment You

I’ve dated men where this has actually happened, I have dished out the compliments and yet received nothing in return. It always made me wonder whether they actually felt anything for me and even more so made me feel so subconscious.

What To Do When He’s Read Your Message But Doesn’t Respond Straight Away

We have ALL been there. When you send a message to someone you like, they have their stupid read receipts on and they don’t respond.

He's "Bad At Texting"— He's Lazy, Rude, Or Not Into You

Ladies, if a guy isn't texting you, he's either not into you, is cheating on you or he's just plain rude.

Reasons Women With Big Mouths Make The Best Girlfriends

When I talk about big-mouthed women, I'm not talking about women who can't keep a secret to themselves.

Casual Questions To Ask A Guy That Will Tell You Everything You Need To Know

When you’re getting to know a guy, you need to seem super casual, but still be able to get your answers.

Stop Giving Your Feelings To A Guy Who Won’t Claim You

If he refuses to put a label on you, he's probably just wasting your time, and standing in your way of finding real love. Leave him.

Dating The Man Going Through A Custody Battle

Back in May I met a man who I really wasn’t that interested in physically but I found him funny.

Why Are So Many Smart And Attractive Women Still Rolling Solo?

Intelligence is one of those qualities that every man and woman would love to have. Everyone admires and wants to associate with smart people. However, for smart and attractive women, when it comes to getting into relationships, things are not always straightforward.

Nice Guys Aren't Always Good Men - Learn The Difference

For every pure and good-hearted woman, there is no difference between a nice guy and a good man. However, try asking those women who have gone through tough times in life and know exactly what depression and heartbreak are. These women understand clearly the difference between a nice guy and a good man.

Dating Is Depressing AF When You Genuinely Want To Find Love

As you get farther along in the dating game, it’s likely that you may feel like you will never find the love that’s right for you.

Old Souls Have Such A Hard Time Finding Love

Do you know of a person who seems to have a deeper understanding and greater appreciation of things that most people their age would just dismiss?

This Era Ruined Dating For Me

I grew up believing that I would someday find my prince charming, fall In true love and live happily ever after with my prince, but then the reality of life hit me.

I Suck At Modern Dating Because I Don’t Like To Wait

To be candid, I am tired of the kind of practices prevalent in the modern day hookups - judging a man as a perfect man within five seconds, replying a message with the perfect response that makes you appear interested, among others. I feel the urge to give you reasons why the so-called social-media-kind-of-love sucks.

Unique Qualities Of Girls Every Man Wishes To Have

It is quite difficult to understand precisely what men look for in a woman.

8 Things The Guy Who Is Going To Date My Sister Needs To Know

Just so we are clear from the get-go, my sister is the only sibling I have and will go the extra mile to keep her entirely happy.

My Reasons To Stop Dating

People say dating offers a magical experience, but I have grown tired of it. Yes, in the beginning, it is all fun and excitement, but as time passes, it starts feeling like a burden. It leaves me feeling like a bird with its wings clipped.

How To Tell If He's A Narcissist On The First Date

If the person you choose to date is a narcissist, you need to understand exactly what you are getting into and how it is likely to affect your relationship.

12 Out Of The Box Ideas For The Perfect Date

Taking your lady on a date is one of the most exciting times for a man.