Break-ups & Exes

Science Says It's Healthier To Stay Single

Being in a relationship is great, but Science says you're better off being single.

When You Want Closure But Your Ex Wont Meet Up To Go Through Things

So you’ve been sitting around lately working out where your relationships went wrong and decided to pick up the phone and text or call your ex saying you wanted to catch up and find out where it all went wrong. Before you even know it, they’ve responded saying they don’t want to meet up because they don’t want to open up old wounds.

I Stayed In A Toxic Relationship For Years Because I Couldn't Afford To Leave

I have been in relationships where things didn't go well, and I could easily leave, but some relationships aren't that simple.

To All Who Said Times Heals Everything, They Lied

It has been said that time heals all wounds. I don't agree.

Here's How You Know You'll Be Okay After A Breakup, No Matter How Bad Your Heart Hurts

As human beings, we may experience breaks ups, and the feeling that follows is unexplainable. Heartbreaks are among the most painful experiences you can have in life. It is not wrong to feel bad after a break up it is part of human nature.

Common Things A Woman Does When She's Been Hurt Too Many Times

There are certain life-changing experiences you've gone through in your life that have made you who you are today.

Being Alone Forever Is Better Than Spending Life With The Wrong Person

It is said that the pain of marrying the wrong person is worse than your fear of not getting married. Before you think of settling down with just any guy, think that this is a lifetime commitment that is not easy to break away from. Here are the reasons why you are better off single than with a guy who will not make you happy.

Pieces of Breakup Advice That Actually Help

Breakups are never easy. Not only can they be emotionally devastating, but they can also devastate other aspects of your life.

Reasons Why You Should Never Fight To Keep Him

Is it really necessary to fight to keep your man?

Things That Happen When You Are Forced To Separate From A Soulmate

Life can sometimes be unfair.

8 Things You Should Remind Yourself Of Every Time You Feel Heartbroken

Feeling disappointed and heartbroken is a part of life, and everybody goes through it at some point.

Ways To Deal With The Pain Of Loving Someone You Can't Be With

Love is a mysterious thing, and you may find yourself loving a person you can’t have.

To The Person Who Emotionally Destroyed Me - Thank You

“What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.” These are powerful words spoke by many.

I Know It's Hard, But When Someone Decides You're Not 'The One,' You Move On

Unrequited love hurts, and the end of a relationship is never easy, especially if the decision was not mutual.

Strong Women Are The Ones Who Are Always Leaving

Strong women always leave - because they can't remain idle for long. They do not live too comfortably and do not want to live a mediocre life. The ones who strive to be more as well as do more.

One Day You'll Lose Her And Before You Know It She'll Be Gone Forever

You ignored all of the signs and warnings, but the time for reckoning has finally arrived. This has been a slow and steady process, and the woman your heart knew to be the one has finally called it quits.

No More Mrs. Nice Girl - I'm Done Tolerating B*llshit!

I used to be a caring sweetheart until I discovered that no one cares about you until they have something to gain from you. I have been a fool for too long. However, I have learned that I am the one who needs to care for myself.

Here's Why A Woman Will Leave You Even Though She Loves You

While women break up with men for a vast array of issues, there is one overwhelming truth that men need to know: a woman will break up with you even though she loves you.

Strong Women Would Rather Be Alone, Than Waste Their Lives On Immature Assholes

Dating can sometimes be tedious. Dating is supposed to be a source of relief, fun and charming, but nowadays, dating is the most significant source of fear and unnecessary anxiety among many people. No wonder the whole idea of being in a relationship is flawed. We’re obliged to sift through humanity trying to find our perfect match.

Be Brave Enough To Leave When You Have Nothing Left To Hold On To

Sometimes, the hardest part of a relationship comes when we have to say goodbye to our partners.

You Will Meet The Love Of Your Life After The Mistake Of Your Life

Being heartbroken is very dreadful; it isn't easy to dust yourself off and lift yourself from the emotional abyss left behind by an unhealthy relationship.

When A Strong Woman Says Goodbye There's No Turning Back

Forget everything that you’ve heard about women eating bucket loads of ice-cream in bed, dressed in just their pajamas as they binge-watch romantic comedies after a break-up; While that may be true for some, it's not so much for strong women.

At The End Every Man Regrets Losing The Woman Who Waited For Him To Get His Shit Together

A woman who genuinely cares about you and loves you will give you so many chances before she is done trying. Do everything you can to get your shit together before she realizes that her life would be much better without you!

Never Let Loneliness Convince You That You’re Unlovable

The person you loved just walked out on you, and your life is now full of loneliness.

What Happens When You Let A Good Woman Go

Choosing a good woman is an incredible decision that can lead to living a better life.

How To Trust After Heartbreak

Have you ever been brave enough to let yourself fully love?

Fake Friends And How To Spot Them

In a world that is so obsessed with looks and appearances, fake has become the new real.

Rebounding After A Toxic Relationship

Love is blind ― This is the go-to statement commonly dished out by people who want to justify the toxicity within their relationships.

Dating The Wrong Guys Made Me Emotionally Unavailable

When I was younger, I was quite naive when it came to dating.

If He Wants To Walk Away, Let Him Go

Everyone deserves to fall crazily in love, but what if you fall in love with someone who decides they can not love you the way that you want to be loved?

I Regret Losing You, But I Don't Want You In My Life Again

I never thought you could miss someone so much and not want to reunite with them.

He Might Not Be The One For You — 8 Signs To Prove It

In the long run, all of us just want to be with the one who will fill our life with happiness and true love.

If A Relationship Is Over, You Need To Walk Away

I just came from a coffee date with an old friend. We used to like each other, but we were somehow too shy to admit it. We ended up marrying different people. Sadly, we’re both separated now. We have had some terrible times in the past year.

For Girls In Unhappy Relationships And Unable To Quit

I used to be the nice girl.

You Are No Good For Me

I thought that this was finally it.

To The Man I Thought Would Be My Forever

Beyond the warnings, it is impossible to avoid the first disappointment.

6 Sure Signs You're Finally Over Your Ex

Breakups suck, and I know they hurt. Trust me; I've been there!

If You Can't Make Me Your Number One, I Won't Stay to Be Your Number Two

Dating someone who isn't into you can be torturous.