God, I Don’t Know What The Future Holds But I’m Counting On You

I have no idea what your future plans for me are about. I haven’t the slightest clue how the next few months ahead of me will be like.

9 Perfect Examples Of Why Most Men Can’t Handle A Female Empath

The bitter truth is that finding love is hard if you are a female empath. And a few heartbreaks along the way might be part of this cherished journey.

What Is A Hag Stone And Why Are They So Special?

Ever since ancient times, certain attributes have been attributed to them. Their names also vary widely.

Do You Struggle To Sleep During A Full Moon? A Scientific Explanation

During the full moon, human behavior tends to feel different from the ordinary, according to science. At these times, we tend to get easily irritable, anxious, and experience changes in our sleeping patterns.

How Souls Choose Their Families And Friends Before Birth

Here is what happens – your soul meets other souls again and again, and in the process, your soul grows and changes. The old soul gives way to the new, and that is just the way it is.

Extraordinary And Inspiring Qualities Only Authentic People Have

Being authentic these days has sadly become a rarity, and it is a trait that is slowly fading away.

Full Moon 19th April 2019 - Rare Second Libra Full Moon In A Row Will Help You Cut Unnecessary Ties

This Friday 19th April the second Full Moon in Libra is taking place, and this can mean a spell of significant changes and new possibilities.

Symbolism Of Your Birthstone And How It Reflects Your Personality

Garnet comes from the Greek word 'granatum' meaning pomegranate seed.

Six Surprising Tips For A Better Inflow Of Money

Positioning your items and things in a certain way around your home or office can result in a more significant inflow of money.

Cats And The Supernatural: Cats Are Considered To Be In Touch With The Spirit Realm

Some cultures have even worshipped the cat as a God-like figure. why is this?

Find Your Native American Zodiac Symbol And Its Meaning!

For thousands of years, Native American tribes have derived deep symbolic meanings from animal symbols.

Simple Ways To Bring Positive Energy Into Your Home Using Feng Shui

"Out with the old, in with the new" when it comes to your home, this saying couldn't be more relevant.

How To Recognize If You Are Receiving Divine Guidance & Protection

We all have intuition built in, whether we choose to tune into this abundance of information or not is up to us. Intuition is where we receive divine guidance, it's a sense that we can all develop with some practice and faith in it.

Waking Up Between 3 And 5 AM Could Indicate A Higher Power Is Trying To Tell You Something

As ancient Chinese medical practitioners will tell you, every aspect of you is linked to a clock system that will energize it at certain times during the day.

Rare Astrological Alignment January 17 Through 21 When All Planets Go Direct!

APDM is how it's referred to, That's an abbreviation of "All Planes In Direct Motion."

5 Crystals That Clear Negative Energy

Crystals and stones have been used for a variety of physical and emotional ailments by ancient cultures. They are still used in today's hectic world.

The Most Effective Ways To Sharpen Your Intuition

All of us are born with intuition; it's a built-in skill we all have. Over the years with all of the outside influences along with our busy modern lives our intuition gets faded out.

Signs You’ve Been Reincarnated Many Times Before

Some of us believe in reincarnation, whereas others feel strongly once you die that’s it.

If You Often See Repeating Numbers Like 11:11, Here Is What They Mean – It Is Not A Coincidence

When you see a clock showing the time, and it happens to be the all the same number, such as 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, do you give it serious consideration?

Highly Sensitive People Are Really Angels With Broken Wings

Being sensitive has merits and demerits in equal measure.