Yes, You Can Get Rid Of Toxic Family Members From Your Life

I am not oblivious to the fact that having to get someone you share a family bond with out of your life can be painful and overwhelming.

All Grown Up And Mature? Here Are 12 F**ks You Shouldn't Give Anymore

Here are some f*cks you should no longer give because it is not worth it anymore.

If You Want To Succeed, Distance Yourself From Toxic Personalities

Success is not contagious, it comes through hard work, self-motivation and meeting the right people.

10 Signs You're Ready To Let Go And Move On

Life is based on dynamics of holding on and letting go.

Happy Birthday To Me, 50 Free Birthday Treats

Friends and family didn’t get you any birthday gifts this year? Well, head on down to the local Baskin Robbins or Subway for a free birthday treats instead.

In 2019, I Am Cutting Off Any Toxicity & I Am Focusing On Me

I am making this year about me and I will not apologize for it.

This Year, Let Go Of The People Who Aren’t Ready To Love You

This year, make a resolution to let go off all those people who are just there in your life for the sake of it, or maybe because you have held on to them.

Things You Should Stop Expecting From Others

When we have expectations for ourselves, it is a huge advantage.

Tips For Better Vibes In Your Home & Workplace

Good vibes are not just for people. All around us our environments also have distinct vibrational energy.

Reasons Why Bossy Girls Are The Best Girls

There are the silent types, the loud ones, the sassy ones, the bossy ones, and the list goes on and on.

F*ck Anyone Who Likes You But Not Enough To Commit To You

F*ck anyone who sees value in you only when he/she desires the attention. He is just a mean individual who thinks of you as more of a tool rather than an ornament.

Your Forgetfulness May Be A Sign Of Extraordinary Intelligence, According To Science

Intelligence is essential, especially when in school. Everyone feels happy when they remember even little information that they learned many years ago.

Things That Mature Woman Give No F*cks About

Women care about a lot of things, some of them important and some not so important. Mature women, however, only care about the most important things in their lives.

Talking To Yourself Out Loud Could Be A Sign Of Higher Intelligence

If you often talk to yourself, you have probably thought, “what’s wrong with me?”

Powerful Ways To Detox Your Soul

Everything in this world seems to be a race against time.

An Intimidating Personality Can Be A Blessing And A Curse

People will most likely respect you as one of life’s doers, but they may also be a little bit scared of you.

Badass Women Often Struggle Even In A Healthy Relationship

Badass women are strong, independent and seem to have everything going for them in life. So why do we struggle in our relationships?

Traits Of An Outgoing Introvert

The label of being an introvert and extrovert doesn't always fit certain types of personalities. It can be confusing to think which side you belong to as your traits don't always match one or the other. Your struggle to fit into the label probably means that you are an outgoing introvert.

Behaviors That Emotionally Hurt People Display Without Realizing

Sometimes the person you thought was the love of your life ends up leaving you. You remain heartbroken with deep wounds, and you don't know when they'll heal.

Signs Of A Strong Woman That Make Her Stand Out From Everyone Else

Some women choose not to let the storms that life throws in their way steal their joy.