6 Toxic Arguing Techniques Used by Narcissists and Manipulators

It is practically impossible to have a normal and healthy discussion with a narcissist, sociopath or psychopath.

Narcissist, Psychopath, or Sociopath: How to Spot the Differences

What is the difference between a narcissist, a psychopath, and a sociopath? A lot of the traits these people share are similar. For instance, every psychopath is a narcissist, but not all narcissists are psychopaths.

What A Narcissist Says (And What They Really Mean)

Narcissists need no lessons on manipulations, and they will stop at nothing to keep their egos intact.

7 Stages of Gaslighting in a Relationship

Gaslighting is a nonphysical form of abuse that involves relentless manipulation, traumatization, and exploitation.

6 Signs of Narcissism You May Not Know About

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), there are nine things that identify a narcissist

3 Steps to Identifying a Narcissist

In whatever way you are meeting people, you can make your life easier if you learn to spot and avoid a narcissist. It does not matter if you are making friends, hiring employees, or joining a club or an organization.

14 Signs A Narcissist Is Playing Mind Games With You

A narcissist has the ability to distort the truth to the point where you are left with confusing unanswered questions in your mind.

A Sneak Peek Into The Narcissist’s Mind

They are all over the place – the television you are watching, that page-turner in your hands, your local senate … Everywhere!

Post Narcissist Stress Disorder (PNSD) And The 3 Most Common Telltale Signs Of It

Below are three strong signs that you or someone you know is suffering from PNSD (or post narcissist stress disorder in full). Yes, that is a thing. Narcissists are more dangerous than most people think.

An Open Letter To The Victims Of Narcissists

First of all, let me say that I have been where you are.

3 Tormenting Things A Narcissist Will Do

I think it's fair to say the world would be a much better place without narcissists in it.

22 Things Only Women Who’ve Been Emotionally Used By A Narcissist Will Understand

Everything all feels like a bad dream that will end sometime soon.

This Is Why Exposure To Narcissistic Abuse Often Causes Anxiety

Who knew! The anxiety I am suffering through is someone else’s handiwork. I am not the problem as I previously thought. No. Instead, I am anxious all the time because of someone I gave my trust and love.

Trauma Caused By A Manipulative Narcissist Is Far More Than Simple Heartbreak

I guess I knew that the world we live in is not perfect.

7 Gaslighting Phrases Malignant Narcissists, Sociopaths And Psychopaths Use To Silence You, Translated

If you have ever been a gaslighting victim, you might rightly consider it the epitome of evil.

8 Clear Signs You're Finally Getting Over Your Narcissistic Asshole Of An Ex

One of the painful dating experiences in life is surviving an abusive, narcissistic relationship.

This Is How Narcissists Play The Victim And Twist The Story

Narcissists are well-known for their destructive social behaviors.

Here’s How Strong Women Win Against Narcissists

Crossing paths with a narcissist is without a doubt one of life’s greatest challenges.

The Bitter Truth About An Emphath-Narcissist Relationship

Empaths and narcissists are polar opposites of each other.

The Final Goodbye – What Happens After You Leave Your Narcissistic Partner

It’s exhausting and stressful being in a romantic relationship with a narcissist. And breaking up with such people will be hard because they’ll cause mayhem when they leave you.