The things you do not respect will become valuable gift for other person

Life is an endless mystery. A small thing that might not mean anything to some might be all someone else needs to feel complete.

For the Women Who Hold Too Much

Parenthood can make you question a lot of things, and it can expose you to very diverse experiences as well.

For The Man Who Is Brave Enough To Love A Widow

If a widow accepts to love you, know that she’s the strongest woman you’ll ever meet. And to love a woman who has gone through the real darkness and the worst pain in life isn’t easy.

I’m Slowly Learning Not To Chase After Love

I’m done chasing after people who don’t deserve me. Instead, I’m learning to focus only on myself.

Love Will Find You When It’s Time

Don’t be hasty to start a relationship you aren’t ready for. Wait for your true love, and it’ll come at the right time. When that day comes, you’ll meet the perfect soulmate you’ve been waiting for so long.

To My Ex’s Mom, Thanks For Your Kindness

Thank you, my ex’s mom. I had a romantic relationship with your son. It was one of the best love experience I've ever had in my entire life.

My Mom's My Best Friend And I'm Damn Proud Of It

Ave had many friends throughout my life. But I end up losing almost all of them at the end. Some of them were close to me for a while but turned out to become my greatest enemies. I even remember a time when a had a friend for only a few hours.

This Goes To All The Beautiful Souls Who Overthink And Overlove

Love isn’t easy for anyone. It's going to serve as a big challenge, especially when you’re trying to make it work.

I'm Strong But I'm Tired To The Bone

I don’t have the strength anymore. I am not even sure where to begin describing my predicament. I am losing myself, and I can’t even explain how I feel.

As A Single Woman, My New Goal Is Happiness, Not Getting Married

When you’re single, you may tend to feel that you’ll only meet your everlasting happiness after you get married. I also used to believe in the same notion.

I'm Slowly Learning Not To React To Everything Annoying Me

P.C Brunson in his wise quote said that you need to think once before acting, twice before speaking and three times before posting something on Facebook.

The Love Of Your Life Comes After The Mistake Of Your Life

Heartbreaks are always painful, stressing and disappointing.

Be A Strong Woman To Leave Behind What Doesn’t Make You Happy

You can be the strong woman who does not put up with anything that does not make her happy.

A Letter To The Girl Who Survived Narcissistic Abuse

You have been through more than you can describe. When you say you have been to hell and back, you mean it.

To The Girl Who Grew Up Without A Father: You Are Loved

Girls who grow up without a father understands how life can be. And if you’re one of them know that you’re born with the strength to overcome any challenge that might come on your way. No matter how it hurts, you’ll survive it.

Sometimes, God Breaks You Just So He Could Fix You

You have probably heard this a thousand times – everything happens for a reason.

Clear Signs Your Life Is About To Do A "180" Turn

“Sometimes when things are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place.”

To The Girl Who Needs To Remember She's More Than Enough

Why do you feel unworthy of love? One of the beautiful things you need to understand is that you’re more than good enough.

I Need A Man Who Supports Me, Not A Man Who Gets In My Way

It’s not true that we can’t function without a man in our lives.

A Strong Woman Has No Time For Immature Jerks, She's Better Off Alone

There is something about strong women, isn’t there? It is so satisfying being around women who have what it takes to make things happen when they need them to happen.