Parents Should Be Held Responsible, Claims Mother Of A Bullied 9-Year Old Boy

"Parents Should Be Held Responsible," Claims mother of a bullied schoolboy who committed suicide. Bullying in any form is always wrong, and sometimes it can take an unexpected turn. A perfect example is an incident that took place in a school, where a 9-year boy was bullied and ended up committing suicide.

James Myles endured an onslaught from his classmates after confessing that he was gay. The impact of bullying hit him so hard that he couldn’t bear living with it. His mother Leia Pierce believes that parents to the children that bullied her son should be held responsible for their children’s actions.


The news of the Myles’ death should worry every parent who has a growing child. Through her Facebook posts, Pierce confesses that she didn’t know her son was being bullied at school. It all came as a shock to her. When she found out, it was too late to do anything.

Pierce admits that her son had confessed to her that he was gay, but she never took his statement seriously. However, he did show some signs of being afraid of the confession. She did not give an immediate response on the issue. The only thing that she did was reassure her son of her undying love for him.

Pierce stated that her son was proud of his orientation and even had planned to open up to other people, including his classmates. He had also pushed his mother to start getting some girly stuff for him, including dresses.

One sad thing about this story is that Myles was just a few days into a new school; This means that he did not have many friends if any at all. According to the information from his sister, some classmates had told him, “go kill yourself.” “It is disheartening to know that these are the words said to a new kid in the school,” said Pierce.

As a result of this tragic incident, the school released a statement claiming that it is in the process of employing more social workers. They have also put plans to create a crisis team that will be helping students to cope with losses and situations like this. However, Pierce thinks that more should be done. She says that parents of bullies should be held responsible for not teaching their children to accommodate views from different people.

“I think the parents should be held accountable for teaching their children to be bullies, ” said Pierce.

Myles’ death seems to be in correlation with a report that was published by CDC. It revealed that LGBTQ youth are at high risk of committing suicide. The research went ahead to state that at least 40% of LGBTQ students are considering to commit suicide. The report concluded that this is a problem that all the stakeholders should start addressing.

Signs your child is being bullied.

An anti-bullying website states that although it may be difficult to know whether your child is bullied or not, some warning signs can tell you that something is not right. Some of these signs include:

-Lost or damaged valuables including stationeries and toys.
-Injuries without explanation.
-Drastic changes in the child’s eating habit.
-Poor academic performance. Their grades have dropped.
-Isolation. The child prefers to stay in isolation instead of interacting with other children.
-A sleeping problem that is characterized with frequent nightmares
-Low self-esteem

If your child starts showing any of these signs, you need to be on high alert. There could be a bigger problem that they are going through at school. You can also get more information by talking to your child calmly.

Dealing with a bully.

Myles’ mother insists that parents should be responsible for the bullish behavior of their kids. Her statement is addressing an important problem that needs to be addressed. How you raise your kids will determine their behavior when they interact with others. You may be unknowingly raising a serial bully.

Here are signs that your child is a bully:

-The child’s friends are bullies.
-The child comes home with extra money or valuables from mysterious sources.
-Has a habit of passing blame to others
- They frequently get into fights.
-They have a high rate of disciplinary cases.

If you notice any of these signs, spare some time and have a deep conversation with your child. You may end up uncovering other mental issues that the child is going through. You may be surprised to discover the underlying reason as to why they are bullying.