Know Your Worth And Live A Life You Can Be Proud Of

Tiko Giorgadze

Are you proud of who you are? If you were to rate yourself, how would you do it? I suppose you would look at the material things or the fame that you have achieved so far, but does money and fame make you a better person?

Money and fame don't matter.

Granted, it feels nice to be wealthy. To have a great job, a million followers on social media platforms, to be known the world over isn't a bad thing, but that's not all there's to life. Suppose you were to turn to the 10-year old you were many years ago. How would you view yourself as you are right now? Children are not awed by riches or fame, so you may not consider yourself as doing so great. That's the viewpoint I'm talking about, the things that matter the most in life.

Let's fast forward to when you're in your old age. Perhaps a hundred or more years. You're in your death bed and pondering about your life. The good and bad things you did in your past. It has been proven that people often reflect on their lives in old age and regret the good things they didn't do to make the world better.

Wealthy people often regret why they didn't do things to assist those who needed their help. They wish they had been more generous. Those who lived a life of arrogance wish they were kinder, and bitter people wish that they laughed with people more. There are the things that matter, and that will make your life full right now and later in life.

Do the things that matter.

Be a person who proves their worth to the world and feels it too. Be kind, brave, generous, dedicated, loving, passionate, and happy. In other words, be a person who helps and inspires others to be better. Give hope that there are still good people in existence today.

I'm in no way implying that riches and fame are bad. What I'm saying is that it's not enough to live by them alone. They don't complete you as a person who should be proud of their life and worth. Complement them with acts of kindness, love, and generosity. In the latter years, you will look back and be happy with the life you lived.

Above all, take time to time to be with your family. It's the closest world you can make better. By being the good parent to your kids, you will have shaped their future and proved your worth as a parent. Your family is the starting point toward being a better person. After completing your duty there, you can venture into the outside world and be good to others.

Being proud of your worth means doing the right things. It means doing what you can look at and be happy about it. If your inner self is troubled by your actions, there's a possibility that you're not doing things right. Scrutinize yourself and strive to make what seems wrong great. Only then will you realize your worth and live it.

Know your worth.

Your worth is all about your deeds and not material things alone. Despite your many worldly achievements, aspire to be a nice person and prove it to the world. From caring for your family to being of help other people, what you do is what will make you feel you lived a life worth living. A life you can be proud of.