Hardships Are A Blessing In Disguise

Ariel Lustre

Hardship dictates many factors of life such as whether someone can get something done or not. It sets the limits for human abilities, and it is what molds someone based on the experiences they have around them all the time.

Getting to go through hard moments with the bare fact before you can mean a lot of things like being able to make better decisions and manage time better. Hardship is also the actual realization that the situation you find yourself in is not out of control, even if it may seem to have gotten exaggerated beyond a point of believability. As you face tough times, the good side will always be there no matter how dilute it might have become. Failure might be imminent when you are in a hard situation, and if you are keen, the truth will point you in the right direction. It might even be the guidelines that you move toward the door, out of your difficult situation. When you feel like you want to give out, the truth will always be there to carry you in its palms to where you need to be.

Every hardship has its tough face, and awareness of factors that are around you counts to get you to align in the correct direction. It also proves quite useful to know that you are still able to manage the situation and be on top of things even as waves of uncertainty and doubt want to come crashing down on you. The blessing in the hardship is that the truth will come out as the crowned jewel of the situation. The truth will be hard to derive but it will still come out and when you feel like the odds are being piled up against you, that is where you need to try just a little bit harder and push through.

The disguise is the suffering that you might have gone through and such struggles might stretch on for a long time, but when you are honest about your current predicament, no pain will be felt. Instead, you will have a clear mind that will get you out of trouble and tricky situations, without having to sacrifice anything. Life is always changing with challenges being present no matter what you might be doing. At work or at home, there are those things that seem constant but in essence, keep changing and morphing so fast you are left confused.

The truth of hardship is a blessing that remains behind and is hard to gauge. It gives you an extra coat of protection against outside odds and influences which is considered the best way to manage things. Even when the people around you are prodding you with negative influences, the hardship and awareness that you need to move ahead will keep you acutely aware. Never be afraid of hardship, and in return, you will be blessed and strengthened to take on anything else that hurls itself in your path.