From College Relationship To A Long Distance Summer


Long hours of group studies, those dreadful examination halls, teachers and parents keeping an eye on your every move – sounds like college, doesn’t it? Relationships these days are tricky – they are as easily formed as they are broken. Whether you were emotionally invested in it or not, a breakup right at the beginning of summer vacation can leave an ugly spot on the whole plan. And, if the relationship did feel like your one true love story, then parting ways can be even harder.

We all know that separation doesn’t have to be an option if you two don’t want it. However, it is essential for the both of you to see what you want out of your companionship. Surviving a long-distance relationship is not the same as holding hands and sipping from the same coffee mug at the college campus.

However, before your mind is baffled by all such factors, there are a few crucial points that you both should consider talking about.

Analyze your thoughts and wishes.

First and foremost, think long and hard about what you’ want. Here are some questions to ask yourself:   

1. Do you want to continue your relationship?   

2. Are you sure about your commitment towards this relationship?   

3. Do you doubt that this may not last long?   

4. Do you feel staying in the relationship even when you are far away may bind you in some sort of obligation?   

5. Are you really okay with the physical distance?   

6. Do you really trust your partner to keep his end of the bargain even when you are miles apart?   

Once you are confident that you have an answer to all the above questions and any others that may be keeping you awake at nights, it’s time to make a decision and have that talk. 

Be open to what your partner has to say.

When you sit down with your partner to discuss the possibility of your future together, keep an open mind. Know that the relationship is as much his as it is yours, and you both have a fair right to keep your thoughts and point of views out in the open without the fear of being misjudged.   

Hear your partner out because you never know if they have a better plan than you do, or maybe they are just waiting to surprise you with a summer backpacking trip across the Banana Pancake trail.  No matter what you both decide, once you have come to a conclusion, stick to it. Don’t leave room for uncertainty.   

… but if you know what you want and why you want it, don’t let anything manipulate you.  

Breakups can get messy. Heartbreaks, broken promises, shattered dreams, lost love – there is nothing natural or smooth about them. However, it is better to walk out of a relationship you don’t want that to stay in it out of pressure or moral obligation. You are not obligated towards anything except making your own decisions and living a life that you planned.

Stay connected if you decide to stay together.

Love wins all wars, even when it’s your mind versus your gut. And, thus, if against all odds, you two have decided to be brave and stay in it and make it work out, REMEMBER, communication is the key! You don’t necessarily have to spend your entire summer video calling with each other or bombard the other person with texts from dawn to dusk but a romantic Skype date, a surprise visit, a weekend together can do it all.   

When it comes to love and relationships, one size DOES NOT fit all.

Your relationship depends on how you and your partner decide to overcome the distance and stay connected even when you are miles apart. However, the key ingredients to all strong relationships are based on faithfulness, loyalty, faith, honor, thoughtfulness, and most importantly efforts – to be with one another until the end of time.

It’s a just a break, and it will be over before you know it.

Last but not the least, remind yourself that it is just a summer break, not the end of time. There is no rush to separate ways at the very onset of a few months long distance between you two. This distance can happen with anybody and at any point in time of your lives, and walking out of every relationship in the fear of staying away is literally not sensible.

So, hang tight and hold onto your sweetheart for the summer break will come and go but the relationship may not survive the separation.

And, if you have decided to let go – well! It’s done and there is nothing you can do about it. It was the right thing to do and you are a brave person to have addressed such an important issue.