14 Frightening Illustrations Show Something’s Really Wrong With This World

Marco Melgrati

Do you think this world is getting better or worse?

A survey was conducted with 18,235 people who live across multiple different countries asking this very question.  The results of the study showed that only a small percent, under 7% of the people tested in each country, said this world is becoming a better place. The following illustrations by modern artists really make you think about how the world has become.

1.Value of time

2. Dare to be different?

3. Is your life really how you portray it to be?

4. Not everyone is your friend

5. Have to wear my smile today

6. Magic carpet ride

7. Love today

8. Brain washed

9. Conform

10. You only see the best part

11. The only light at the end of the tunnel there is

12. Don't break the rules

13. Sincere

14. Pecking order