Trinity Barnett

I'll Never Let My Boyfriend See Me Do These Things No Matter What

To be honest, I feel very comfortable around my boyfriend. We are pretty open and we hardly keep anything from each other. But I still have some boundaries.

According To Science, Children Who Are Spanked Will Grow Up To Have This Disorder

A common excuse for this violent behavior is that the same techniques were used on them by their parents, and so they should work on their children.

Woman Who Married A 300-Year-Old Pirate Ghost Reveals They’re Splitting Up

No, this has nothing to do with “ghosting”, the cruel relationship practice of stopping all and any communication with someone you were involved with without warning. It is the story of an actual rocky ghost marriage that has finally ended in divorce.

Money Problems Forced Me To Put Up With A Toxic Relationship

I’ll admit, I have been involved with the wrong men for many reasons.

The Simple Yet Harsh Truth Is That If A Man Doesn’t Pursue You, He Might Just Not Be Into You

Sometimes it’s difficult to admit the truth, especially when your feelings towards a particular guy are running wild in your heart.

To The Person Who Emotionally Killed Me

I thank you because after living in chains for so long, I can now see reality. I am truly not the woman you made me appear to be. I am worth so much more.

15 Seemingly Normal Relationship Requests (That Are Actually Red Flags)

The beginning of a relationship is a time when you should watch out for some things that may look okay because you’re so in love but they’re actually serious red flags that should make you bail – fast!

Bachelor In Paradise’: Krystal Nielson And Chris Randone’s New Reality Show Will Give Fans A ‘Deep Perspective’ Of Their Relationship

The love story of Chris Radone (31years) and Krystal Nielson (31 years) still continues to dominate the scenes even after the TV Show came to a close.

Girlfriends Ranked From Worst To Best (Based On Their Zodiac Sign)

Ever wondered where your girlfriend ranks when it comes to being good or bad? Chances are that you have never thought about it. However, did you know that your girl’s attitude, character, and behavior has something to do with her zodiac sign?

I Started Dating Myself & My Entire Life Improved…

Remember that amazing feeling when you are going on a date with your loved one?

Don't Ignore These 18 Signs Of Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse affects how you think about yourself. It comes in the form of words, actions and attitude which demean and humiliate you.

Studies Claim — Sleeping With Your Dog Is Better Than Sleeping With A Guy

The benefits that come with owning a dog as a pet are endless.

Either Choose Her Or Leave Her Alone – Playing Hot & Cold Makes You An Asshole

Don't hurt a woman by stringing her along.

Talking To Yourself Out Loud Could Be A Sign Of Higher Intelligence

If you often talk to yourself, you have probably thought, “what’s wrong with me?”

I'm Not A Person Who Gives Up Easily, But If I Decide To Walk Away I'm Gone For Good

I will give all that there is to give and try to fix my relationship, but if the situation calls for it, I am not afraid of letting go and simply walking away.

Research Says Singing Every Day Reduces Stress, Clears Sinuses, And Helps You Live Longer

According to research, music is the best thing that can happen to your life.

Congratulations, You Lost A Girl Who Actually Wanted To Be With You

This isn't the first time she threatened to leave and never come back. This isn't the first time she looked you dead in the eyes and proclaimed her hatred for you. You're probably staring at your phone waiting for her to call you and beg for forgiveness. Unfortunately for you, this time she really does means it.

She Wanted To Stay, But You Pushed Her Away

You had a partner who promised her life to you, but you replaced her love with doubts and barriers.

Expectations Will Almost Always Leave You Disappointed

Have you ever been so hyped up about something only to discover that you might have set your expectations too high?

Science Says It's Healthier To Stay Single

Being in a relationship can be great, but Science says you're better off being single.