Shelly Summers

Hilarious Guide To Dog Breeds That Will Help You Choose Your Next Dog

There are so many dog breeds, it's incredibly easy to mistake one pooch for another. Luckily, St. Louis-based artist Grace Gogarty (a.k.a. Little Tunny) has created a comprehensive comic series that will help you identify most of the dog types.

Rare Kitten Born With ‘Two Faces’ Grows Up Into The Most Beautiful Cat Ever

We usually stay away from two-faced people, but there’s nothing more precious than a kitty with two-toned fur.

Tennessee Mother Carries Dying Baby To Term To Donate Organs

A Tennessee mother made the brave decision to carry a dying baby to term in order to donate her organs, a report said Thursday.

Anti-Vaxxer Asks For Measles Protection Advice And The Internet Delivers

An anti-vaxxer mom in Washington recently asked a Facebook group called the Vaccine Education Network how she could protect her unvaccinated three-year-old child from a measles outbreak in her state.

Man’s Post About His Ex-Wife’s New Engagement Photos Goes Viral For All The Right Reasons

Divorces can be pretty hard on families and individuals when they happen.

Happy Birthday To Me, 50 Free Birthday Treats

Friends and family didn’t get you any birthday gifts this year? Well, head on down to the local Baskin Robbins or Subway for a free birthday treats instead.

New...There’s A Company Giving Away Free Vibrators To Anyone Who’s Lonely And Single This Valentine’s Day

For those who are single, there are few things to look forward to in the month of February.

Adam Levine Going Shirtless At The Super Bowl Has Twitter Outraged

Nipples are once again the center of controversy at a halftime Super Bowl show. But this time, they belong to Adam Levine.

White Supremacist Charged As Terrorist For First Time Ever In New York

James Harris Jackson pleaded guilty to the murder of Timothy Caughman last week; he admitted killing the 66-year-old with a sword as he collected bottles for recycling in March 2017.

Staffordshire Bull Terriers Officially Named Britain’s Favourite Dog

The votes have been counted and the results are in; Staffordshire Bull Terriers are officially Britain’s favorite dog.

A Smoky Eye Made Easy

Always looking for that perfect smoky eye? Does one eye turn out Gucci and the other Wal-Mart?

Study Shows That French Fries Are Actually Healthier For You Than Salad

Eating healthy is not easy, especially if you're trying to lose weight or drastically change your lifestyle for the better. But with this sometimes difficult lifestyle change, many of us strive as much as possible to consume a nutritious and balanced meal.

Airbnb Will Pay You To Eat Pasta And Live In Italian Countryside For 3 Months

Airbnb wants to send someone to an Italian village, teach them to make pasta, and maybe host a few fabulous dinner parties with your new found culinary skills, all expenses paid.

Boo The Pomeranian 'World's Cutest Dog' Dies

Boo The Pomeranian -- once considered "World's Cutest Dog" -- has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Check Out Suicide Squads Signature Cocktails

Wild drinks!!!

Fried Chicken Drumstick Pants Are A 'Must-Have' Item For 2019

I think I just vomited a little in my mouth!! If this is how 2019 fashion is gonna start I want a do-over or skip it altogether.

Sony Has Decided To Disestablish It’s Working Relationship With R. Kelly

The outcry that has followed “Surviving R. Kelly” grew so intense that it likely forced the label’s hand.

Netflix Is Raising Its Subscription Prices

I love my Netflix and chill weekends however, we’ve gone past strike number 3 and this is the 4th increase since 2010.

Mugger Gets Brutal Beating After Trying To Rob UFC Star Polyana Viana With Cardboard Gun

A common thug in Rio had a really bad day when he tried to rob Polyana Viana, a popular UFC star.

'Venom 2' Is Officially Happening, It Has Been Confirmed

Marvel fans will just have to wait and see if there will be an epic battle between Venom and Spider-Man.