Selena Francis

If He Acts Like He Doesn't Care, Then He Doesn't Care

It may be a hard pill to swallow, but the truth is, if he acts like he doesn’t care, there's no doubt because he simply doesn’t.

I'm Not Clingy. I Just Care For My Relationship

There's a ridiculous saying I heard going around the other day; It went something like, 'If you show your man too much love, it means you're weak.'

Signs That Show You've Finally Found "The One"

Why is it so hard find someone that we spend so much of our lives looking for, and how can you tell if the person that you found is 'the one'?

Dating Sucks So I’m Giving Up On It

Many times dating is just a constant string of disappointments and embarrassments.

Life Lessons You Should Learn By Age 28

As you grow up, there are several life experiences you encounter that make you stronger and better as a person. Here are life lessons you'll hopefully learn by the time you hit 28 years of age.

Venus Retrograde Is Happening — Tempting Your Dark Side, Be Careful With Your Heart

Roughly every eighteen months, the planet Venus goes on retrograde for about 40 days and 40 nights.

I Will Only Settle For A Mature Kind Of Love Or I Won't Settle At All

True love is not all about playing games, neither is it featured by questions. There is no better love than the one that you can just look at and say, "This is really my true love." The following are some of the aspects that will determine if I will settle in a relationship or stay single.

We Fall In Love With 3 People In Our Lifetime – Each One For A Specific Reason

It’s been said that for each person, there are three different kinds of love. You will meet these loves during different times in your life and their time in your life will be for different reasons.

No More Mrs. Nice Girl - I'm Done Tolerating B*llshit!

I used to be a caring sweetheart until I discovered that no one cares about you until they have something to gain from you. I have been a fool for too long. However, I have learned that I am the one who needs to care for myself.

You Will Meet The Love Of Your Life After The Mistake Of Your Life

Being heartbroken is very dreadful; it isn't easy to dust yourself off and lift yourself from the emotional abyss left behind by an unhealthy relationship.

When A Strong Woman Says Goodbye There's No Turning Back

Forget everything that you’ve heard about women eating bucket loads of ice-cream in bed, dressed in just their pajamas as they binge-watch romantic comedies after a break-up; While that may be true for some, it's not so much for strong women.

Selena Gomez Has 'Emotional Breakdown' And Now Receiving Mental Health Treatment

One of the most talked about people in the music industry right now is Selena Gomez. The 26-year old singer has been hospitalized two times in the last two weeks.

The 12 Archangels And Their Connection With The Zodiac Signs

Many people are unaware that there are 12 archangels corresponding to each zodiac sign. An archangel is an angel of high rank, known to play the role in God’s interaction with mankind. Depending on your zodiac sign you have a unique archangel.

7 Reasons Your Future Husband Will Likely Cheat

Nothing is as heartbreaking as Infidelity in marriage.

To All The Beautiful Souls Who Feel Unloved Today

There are times that we sink into a world of our own.

Rebounding After A Toxic Relationship

Love is blind ― This is the go-to statement commonly dished out by people who want to justify the toxicity within their relationships.

If A Relationship Is Over, You Need To Walk Away

I just came from a coffee date with an old friend. We used to like each other, but we were somehow too shy to admit it. We ended up marrying different people. Sadly, we’re both separated now. We have had some terrible times in the past year.

5 Things Every Good Woman Deserves From Her Man

If you are a good woman, you are strong, established, loving, and loyal, and you deserve a man who can bring just as much to the table as you do. 

Traits That Separate A Boy From A Man

When a woman reaches a certain point in life, she wants to settle down with a man, not a boy.

To The Man I Thought Would Be My Forever

Beyond the warnings, it is impossible to avoid the first disappointment.

5 Healthy Habits Every Grown Woman Should Have

As we get older life tends to get busy, and it seems like we don't have much time for ourselves anymore.

Why You’re Waking Up At The Same Time Every Night

Do you find yourself waking up at the same time every night?

Things To Consider Before Moving In With Your Boyfriend

Well, it's been years since we moved together, made babies and finally learned how to get along. However, when I look into his kind loving eyes, the intriguing memories of our maiden love story is still vivid and fresh in my mind.

I May Never Get Married, And That Is Completely Okay

The wedding bells are ringing, and the entire neighborhood is in a buzz. The excitement is evident, but the apprehension is creating the suspension. One by one, people who are my age are tying the note and settling down to live happily ever after.

6 Greatest Things About Sharing A Bed With Someone

There are some undeniable joys about sleeping alone in your bed.

7 Signs That You're Not Meant To Be Together

Nobody gets into a relationship with someone they feel is incompatible with them.

You Deserve A Man Who Treats You With Respect

Every good woman deserves to have a man who will treat them with respect.

"Micro Cheating" Can Destroy Your Relationship

Micro-­cheating is the term for little things you do that could have hints of infidelity, without even being physically unfaithful.