Selena Francis

Traits That Separate A Boy From A Man

When a woman reaches a certain point in life, she wants to settle down with a man, not a boy.

7 Reminders That Every 23-Year-Old Needs To Hear Right Now

At 23, you are probably just out of college with the harsh reality of being a fully-fledged adult being so apparent.

To The Man I Thought Would Be My Forever

Beyond the warnings, it is impossible to avoid the first disappointment.

5 Healthy Habits Every Grown Woman Should Have

As we get older life tends to get busy, and it seems like we don't have much time for ourselves anymore.

Why You’re Waking Up At The Same Time Every Night

Do you find yourself waking up at the same time every night?

Things To Consider Before Moving In With Your Boyfriend

Well, it's been years since we moved together, made babies and finally learned how to get along. However, when I look into his kind loving eyes, the intriguing memories of our maiden love story is still vivid and fresh in my mind.

I Loved You; I Lost You - And Now I'm Crying Over You

From that very moment I came to realize that I could actually live through a day without you is the day I knew I had truly lost you. The feeling of true loneliness hits you, and you start to feel like your whole world is crumbling down. I've got to say, I guess I kind of saw it coming.

Mom, I'd Die If I Lost You.

It was just the other day I watched an episode of Modern Family titled Mother. Maybe you have seen it too. It was an illustration of how often families turn mothers into monsters. You know, how often we cast blame on them.

I May Never Get Married, And That Is Completely Okay

The wedding bells are ringing, and the entire neighborhood is in a buzz. The excitement is evident, but the apprehension is creating the suspension. One by one, people who are my age are tying the note and settling down to live happily ever after.

6 Greatest Things About Sharing A Bed With Someone

There are some undeniable joys about sleeping alone in your bed.

7 Signs That You're Not Meant To Be Together

Nobody gets into a relationship with someone they feel is incompatible with them.

The Real Habits Of Smart People

'Be smart,’ 'Don’t be stupid’, 'See how smart Tony is’ – these are a few phrases that our parents have repeated to us like a broken record since early childhood.

To My Future Soul Mate: Please Do Not Fall In Love With Me

Timing is crucial, it unveils everything in its due course.

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You Deserve A Man Who Treats You With Respect

Every good woman deserves to have a man who will treat them with respect.

Intelligent People Choose To Be Less Social – Here’s Why

Do you feel like staying home instead of going to a club?

"Micro Cheating" Can Destroy Your Relationship

Micro-­cheating is the term for little things you do that could have hints of infidelity, without even being physically unfaithful.