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Being Alone Forever Is Better Than Spending Life With The Wrong Person

It is said that the pain of marrying the wrong person is worse than your fear of not getting married. Before you think of settling down with just any guy, think that this is a lifetime commitment that is not easy to break away from. Here are the reasons why you are better off single than with a guy who will not make you happy.

Warning Signs That Say You’re Dealing With A Truly Evil Person

Evil can be defined. However, it is hard to pin it down.

Conscious Love And Emotional Maturity Is Better Than Any Fairy Tale Romance

Since our childhoods, we have let Disney fairy tales tell us what romance, true love, and happiness is all about, but happiness takes more than being the love of princes who find their way to us through glass slippers. Real happiness takes conscious love and emotional maturity.

Here’s What November Has In Store For Every Sign Of The Zodiac

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Pieces Of Breakup Advice That Actually Help

Breakups are never easy. Not only can they be emotionally devastating, but they can also devastate other aspects of your life.