Saniyah Daniels

Boundaries: Why You Say Yes When You Really Mean No

Has this happened to you? Someone requests something of you, and you automatically say yes, though you realize a moment later it might not have been the best decision to make.

8 Differences Between Loving Someone & Being In Love

Are you in love with someone, or do you love them? Can’t tell the difference?

What Is A Hag Stone And Why Are They So Special?

Ever since ancient times, certain attributes have been attributed to them. Their names also vary widely.

A Letter To The Person Who Gave Their Heart To Someone Who Didn't Deserve It

This letter goes out to all the men and women who have offered their hearts to people who weren’t worth it...

For the Women Who Hold Too Much

Parenthood can make you question a lot of things, and it can expose you to very diverse experiences as well.

You Can Get PTSD From Staying In An Emotionally Damaging Relationship

Don’t shame people suffering damage from being in wrong relationships. You have no idea why she sticks around and cannot bring herself to pack and go even though that’s an option. These relationships are complex, and it’s hard for victims to separate themselves from them – at least understand that.

A Strong Woman Doesn’t Beg For Attention; She Walks Away When You Fail To Give It To Her

I think I speak for many women when I say many of them have been through this before: you meet an interesting guy, and you actually want to see how far it will go. So, you go out on fun dates, and the chemistry feels right.

Dating A Woman Who Tells It Like It Is Can Be Intimidating, But It’ll Change Your Life

One of the most unique experiences in life is dating a woman who doesn’t filter or mince words. A woman who says it as it is.

The Bitter Truth About An Emphath-Narcissist Relationship

Empaths and narcissists are polar opposites of each other.

Be Strong Enough To Walk Away From A Man Who Doesn't Deserve You

You meet all kinds of people in this life. Some will adore you and respect you, but others will treat you like you are a disposable toy.

8 Reasons She Is Convinced She Isn't Meant To Be Loved

This girl is different from all the other girls you have ever met. She has no fear, and she understands what she wants out of life.

Having Kids Will Undoubtedly Make You Miserable, Science Says

Many people fantasize about building a family and having some kids. And this all seems beautiful when you imagine the quality time you will have with your family, and how you will nurture them into responsible and successful adults.

Stay Single Until You Meet The Person Who Does These Things

It is far better to remain single than to be with someone who stresses you, makes you unhappy or otherwise makes your life worse.

Sometimes, God Breaks You Just So He Could Fix You

You have probably heard this a thousand times – everything happens for a reason.

I Need A Man Who Supports Me, Not A Man Who Gets In My Way

It’s not true that we can’t function without a man in our lives.

To My Forever Friend, This Is My Lifelong Vow To You

You're my forever friend, and our friendship is the most truthful thing I'm sure of in my life.

Make Sure You Know How To Identify An Extreme Narcissist

Life is full of surprises. Sometimes you don’t even know what kind of person you have chosen to let into your life until it's too late.

Recent Study Confirms Parents Still Lose Sleep Worrying About Their Grown Children

A study has proven that your parents still worry about your health, your financial wellbeing, and even your relationships even after you reach adulthood.

From Worst To Best – Girlfriend Ranks Based On Their Zodiac Sign

Wondering if you have the perfect girlfriend? Many people do. So, here is what her star sign has to say about her personality and why she is the way she is.

Working More Than 3 Days A Week If You Are Over 40 Is Not Recommendable

A study says that you should start slowing down once you are 40 years.