Saniyah Daniels

Is He's Cheating On You?

Do you feel like the love of your life could be cheating on you? Do things seem to be dwindling between the two of you when you used to have a fantastic spark? If you feel like things are going wrong, and that your man might be cheating on you, this article might help you figure out if he really is.

This Is What A Healthy Relationship Should Look Like

I think that too many people often mistake bad relationships for good ones. Sometimes its hard to be alone and we often accept anything just to have someone; because someone is better than no one, right? It's hard to understand what we deserve at times, and that causes us to make decisions to be with people who don't treat us right.

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Everyone likes a little passion in their relationships.

Single And Unsuccessful In Dating, What Next?

You might think you are the odd one out among your friends since all of them are dating.

Why You Push People Away In Relationships

Human relationships are tricky to navigate. Even in the best of times, they can be quite complicated.

Why Do We Run Away From The People We Love?

Do you want to be in love but once things start getting serious, you sabotage the relationship? Are you scared to love? Or be loved? You meet a guy, you like him, and then you start to see each other more often, you get intimate, and things look great.

If He Does These 5 Things, He Is Not There For You

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

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It took me weeks to figure out what was going on with me after giving birth to my baby.

Ladies! Men Will Respect You More If You Set Up These Boundaries

Dating can be hard. Let's face it though; every woman secretly fantasizes about the perfect prince charming coming to sweep her off her feet that checks all of her boxes of what she wants.

4 Signs You've Met Someone From A Past Life

Have you ever been in a situation where you met someone and instantly felt connected to him or her?

Seven Toxic Thoughts That Damage Your Soul

Negative thoughts will always come to us whether we like it or not.

These Are The Top 5 Habits Of Deeply Connected Couples

I used to think that it was so much easier to be in a relationship then it was to be single. "They already know they have each other and don't have to put up with the stressors of dating."

Is She "Difficult" Or Is She Just A Rebel Soul?

Women with a rebel soul are often called the "difficult ones."

From College Relationship To A Long Distance Summer

Long hours of group studies, those dreadful examination halls, teachers and parents keeping an eye on your every move – sounds like college, doesn’t it?

5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Getting Anxiety

I found out I had anxiety while I was in my first year of college.