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This Goes To All The Beautiful Souls Who Overthink And Overlove

Love isn’t easy for anyone. It's going to serve as a big challenge, especially when you’re trying to make it work.

Hard As It Might Seem, A Man Who Sees Your Worth Is On His Way To You

It’s true that your heart has been shattered into pieces many times. You are probably even surprised that you are still standing after all the blows you have suffered.

Be A Strong Woman To Leave Behind What Doesn’t Make You Happy

You can be the strong woman who does not put up with anything that does not make her happy.

Nipsey Hussle Shooting Captured On Surveillance Video, Possible Suspect Seen

Police might be a step closer to catching the gunman responsible for the Nipsey Hussle shooting, thanks to the incident being documented by a nearby video surveillance camera.

14 Signs You And Your Bestie Are An Overly Attached Couple

Your WiFi connects as soon as you step into her house!

8 Reasons Why Your Work Buddies Are A Huge Blessing To You

Much of our time is spent in the workplace as we look for means to get by. As we meet new people in these places, we end up forming friendships with those who work beside us.

When A Man Loves You, He Will Never Stop Fighting For You

He does not mistreat you because he is exhausted.

I Might Be Wrong But All I Want Is That Vintage Kind Of Love

There comes a time when I start wishing that I was born when dating wasn’t frustrating. When life was more straightforward than today's, and people treasured love and their partners more than anything else they had.

What It’s Like To Date The 12 Women Of The Zodiac

Wondering why the hell the woman you are dating is such an enigma? Welcome to the club, almost all guys do.

You Can Blame Being Fat On A Happy Relationship, Study Says

Scientists have been curious to know if a relationship exists between a happy relationship and weight gain.

The Ultimate Guide To Ignoring A Narcissist

History lessons would have far fewer horror stories if only people were able to spot a narcissist when a pompous, self-important and self-centered douche walked up to them.

Any Man Regrets Losing The Woman Who Waited For Him To Get It Together

If you are guy who does not know this yet, understand that a good woman is worth the effort. She is a deserving investment and deserves the best you can give in a relationship.

13 Crucial Pisces Eminent Personality Traits

It may be the last of the zodiac signs, but if you are a Pisces, then there is probably a lot you don’t know about you and your character.

12 Obvious Signs Of Physical Attraction Between Two People

Physical attraction between two people can be expressed in many ways besides words. These signs are physically evident, and they happen unconsciously and in different ways.

When It’s Not Your Body, But Your Soul That’s Tired

Some forms of stress go beyond our bodies, minds, and emotions – they get into our souls.

The Love of Your Life Will Come After The Mistake of Your Life

We have all probably gone through heartbreaks at some point in life. The one person whom you thought you could take a bullet for happens to be the one behind the trigger.

You Are Not Crazy: Its Not You, It's Him

You, my beautiful friend, are not crazy. But you do deserve someone who is crazy about you.

8 Differences Between Loving Someone & Being In Love

Differentiating between loving and being in love with someone can be tough especially for people new to the thing.

R.Kelly Under Criminal Investigations Thanks To “Surviving R.Kelly”

R.Kelly is currently under investigation over criminal allegations in Georgia and this is because of Lifetime’s docuseries.