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Scientists Back Ap The Ancient Art Of Smudging: It Clears The Air Of Bacterial Microbes And Lightens Unhappy Moods

Smudging is an ancient art of cleansing and purification. This ritual has been in existence in Native American culture for centuries.

The More Ink Someone Has, The Angrier They Are, According To Study

Tattoos make you look like a total bada*s, which is why many people think they make you cool.

The "Ultimate Pleasure Experience" Male Love Robots Could Replace Men For Good

Love dolls are nothing new, they have been around for several years now. But now, there is a male doll that is actually a robot. and not just a doll.

When The Mistake Of Your Life Leads You To The Love Of Your Life

One day, you will meet the person who will love you as you have always wanted to be loved.

What Animal Did You See First? Here's What It Says About Your Personality

You will be surprised to learn that you did not notice a particular animal through random chance. Your mind picked that animal first for a very particular reason.

Do You Act Like A Hot Girl Or An Ugly Girl? Here Are 20 Differences

Did you know that being a hot girl is not all about looks? People can call you hot or “not” based on how you act; regardless of what you think of your appearance.

12 (Unusual) Things That Define A Girl With A Gypsy Soul

When you bump into a girl with a gypsy soul, it’ll be hard to draw your eyes from her.

10 Relationship Goals That Actually Matter

There is more to having a good relationship than advertising to the world through social media that you are a couple.

7 Signs Your Partner Isn’t In Love And Is Just Settling For You

We all want to be with someone who really wants to be with us, and is not just settling for us because the dream partner they had in mind did not show up.

Why It's Important To Talk When We're Not Okay

Don’t take a lot of pride in being the “strong silent type.” This personality trait helps neither you or the people around you; it only suppresses issues you will eventually have to deal with at some point in future.

He’ll Be Back In Your Life When You Stop Thinking About Him

Then one day he decides to walk away from you. He didn’t appreciate how much you loved him, the sacrifices you made for the relationship, or even the fact that you hang in there while others cared less. Too him, you simply weren’t good enough.

Study Finds Drinking Tequila Can Help You Lose Weight

Drinking may be bad for your liver and your health, especially when done immoderately. But if that drink is tequila, then you might be doing yourself a great favor.

I Know That My Overthinking Makes Me Hard To Love, But Please Be Patient With Me

I know that I am an over-thinker. It makes me too cautious, too analytical and unable to make up my mind on the go like some people do; I really envy them.

If He’s Dumb Enough To Leave, Be Smart Enough To Let Him Go

Sometimes we fall in love with someone who doesn't love us back.

If You're Not Happy, Leave Him, Even If You Still Love Him

You’ve been a passenger on a roller coaster of multiple emotions for too long.

How to Find a Good Man And Avoid The Duds Altogether

Finding the right partner can be difficult. Here are some tips that can help you find your perfect match while avoiding the duds at the same time.

Challenges That Naturally Loud Women Face On A Daily Basis

It's so hard to figure out what the world wants. If you're a quiet woman, people think you're boring and anti-social. If you're naturally loud and energetic, most people think you're high on something.

If You’re Feeling Sad That You've Been Single For Another Year, Think About This

With this year coming to a close, many people are looking forward to bringing in the new year by spending some quality time with their soul mates or spouses.

Don't Settle Until You Find A Guy That Does Every Single One of These Things

We all know that no soul is perfect in this world. Everybody carries their fair share of flaws, imperfections, and blemishes.

Why Your Foul-Mouthed Friend Is The Best Friend You Could Ever Have

We've been taught time and again that swearing is wrong, but how many of us actually believe that?