Malanie Moore

The Negative And Weak Sides Of Your Zodiac Sign

In the stars, there is something written about your personality.

Things That Mature Woman Give No F*cks About

Women care about a lot of things, some of them important and some not so important. Mature women, however, only care about the most important things in their lives.

I Don't Do Halfway Love—If We're Not Crazy About Each Other, Let's Move On

I love the idea of falling in love and dating a serious guy.

What You Were Supposed To Learn By 2018, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Most of us tend to reach for the stars for guidance based on our zodiac signs.

Why Men Are Intimidated By Women Who Are Strong and Independent

It might be a fact that men are scared of powerful women because powerful women don’t need men.

Aunts Are Extremely Important In Their Nieces And Nephews' Lives

Aunts are so important in the lives of your children, and with their help, you can be sure that your kids have all the guidance and care that they need.

If You Are Not Loved, Leave! You Deserve A Relationship You Don't Have To Beg For

Love requires work, and work requires dedication. So when a relationship turns sour, or things start to fall apart, the first instinctive response most people have is, "I need to fix it.

Getting Out Of A Toxic Relationship Will Infinitely Better Your Life—Trust Me, I Know

Sometimes even the best people find themselves in toxic relationships.

Why Dating Resumes Should Really Be A Thing

We are so used to writing cover letters and resumes for finding new jobs in life, and yet it's not something we ever thought to do for our romantic lives.

Why Smart Women Are More Likely To Remain Single

Being smart is an admirable virtue, and every man strives to be with such a woman.

Recognizing An Unconditional Kind Of Love

Unconditional love is a special kind of love. A love that many people find hard to explain.

You Can Lose A Strong Woman Without Even Realizing It

Every man wants a strong as well as an independent woman in his life. Strong women are extremely courageous.

Psychological Reasons Why Narcissists Hate Seeing Others Happy

A narcissist is someone who is extremely envious and selfish toward other people experiencing joy and happiness.

I Stayed In A Toxic Relationship For Years Because I Couldn't Afford To Leave

I have been in relationships where things didn't go well, and I could easily leave, but some relationships aren't that simple.

It's Not Hard To Find A Boyfriend; It's Hard To Find A Guy Worth Giving That Title To

There are many guys around willing to get into an intimate relationship with a woman. Unfortunately, not every man that comes your way is worth the title of a boyfriend. Here are the behaviors that make several men not worth the title.

Woman Dating Ghost Says He's Proposed And Wants To Have His Babies

The world today is full of mysteries beyond our comprehension. Sometimes, it is a simple thing that can be easily explained. Other times, certain supernatural occurrences leave us with our mouths and eyes wide open.

Shamans Believe Mental Illness Is Something Else Entirely

Mental health is a large and complex subject.

Neuroscientists Say Your Forgetfulness Is A Sign Of Extraordinary Intelligence

Do you ever feel dumb when you forget so much?

You Are Worth More Than Someone’s Mixed Feelings About You

Every relationship has to be a two-way street. You cannot have one person with all the love and feelings while the other doesn’t care or is afraid of commitment. Both parties have to love and care for each other equally, or the relationship won't work out.

Love Is About Mutual Growth And Acceptance, Not About Changing Your Partner

When two people who genuinely care for and love each other come together in a relationship, only good things should happen. One thing this genuine love definitely isn’t about is asking your partner to change for you.

One Day You'll Lose Her And Before You Know It She'll Be Gone Forever

You ignored all of the signs and warnings, but the time for reckoning has finally arrived. This has been a slow and steady process, and the woman your heart knew to be the one has finally called it quits.

Being Single Is Better Than Being With Someone Whose Soul Doesn’t Match Yours

It hurts to love and not be loved back. Some people try forcing a relationship to work even if they know that it never will. No matter how much you try to impress that person, if the two of you are not meant to be, pain will always be the outcome. Should you remain single or be with someone whose soul doesn't match yours?

Why People Often Can't Understand Deep Women

Most men are not strong enough to understand deep women.

Love Requires Hard Work - You Can't Just Leave When Things Get Tough

True love is fun, exciting, and a manifestation of all your cherished fantasies, but it does not come on a silver platter.

I Don’t Want Just A Lover, I Want A Lover Who Is My Best Friend

I want a lover who is also my best friend. That may make me sound like a hopeless romantic. Maybe I am, but I make no apologies for that. It’s exactly what I want, and I choose not to settle for any less.

Bad News, Ladies: Happy Relationships Really Do Make You Fat

You're in that "perfect" relationship where your spouse is caring, loving, and faithful. No more of putting up with unanswered calls. No more of texts that don't get replied to. There's even no more of girls to fight off. After having run into all sorts of toxic relationships, you're finally happy. Nothing to worry about anymore, right? Maybe, but one research finding may or may not cause you concern.

I Am Thankful For Another Year Of Life

I just turned 30 today. I'm not sharing this news to fish for warm birthday wishes or even presents, so everyone can relax.

Why Women Want Guys Who Chase Them Even After They Already Have Them

A woman wants a guy who will plan a date, respect and treat her like a queen, but also one who continues to chase her even after they have settled in a relationship with her.

Either Date Me Or Turn Me Down — Don't Play Games

I have spent an ample amount of time with you, thinking I’m your lover, but it seems you have a different agenda when it comes to dating. Please let me know where I stand so I don’t keep on fooling myself.

He Might Not Be The One For You — 8 Signs To Prove It

In the long run, all of us just want to be with the one who will fill our life with happiness and true love.

True Love Does Exist, But It's Not Worth Fighting For

It is true. It's not worth fighting for love! You probably did not want to hear that, I know, But it is true. I also say: To fight love hurts love!

You Are No Good For Me

I thought that this was finally it.

A Letter To The Insecure Girl

I know how you like to take your whiskey, straight up, on the rocks. You think chasers are for amateurs. You walk right up to the bar and order a shot, or two, maybe even three. You sit there placing your coat on your lap, slightly exposing your new dress. Your make up is always done to perfection. You came to slay. You sit there wondrously, waiting for your friends to turn up. As you look around, the little voice in your head can’t help making comments about the other night owls.

If You Can't Make Me Your Number One, I Won't Stay to Be Your Number Two

Dating someone who isn't into you can be torturous.

How To Be With The "Difficult Girl"

People say that being with a difficult girl is impossible, but nothing in this life comes easy, and if it does, then it probably isn't worth having in the first place. Difficult girls may be hard to get along with sometimes, but they tend to be the best girls to spend your life with because they are the types that will be down for you no matter what.

Single Women In Their 30s Are The Most Badass

Single women in their 30s may seem intimidating, and they have many reasons to be.

Learn The Magical, Interesting Traits Of An Abundant Thinker

Over-thinkers usually try to analyze every aspect that comes their way. They make significant efforts to discover the meaning or specific reason behind everything they come across. Since their minds are always active, they usually tend to play hard on themselves.

What To Do When You Discover You Are Not The One

One of the hardest things you can deal with in life is discovering that the person you had set your heart and mind on as “the one” does not think the same of you.

Brutally Honest Confessions From The Diary Of A Damaged Single Girl

There are things every heartbroken girl goes through.

If He Does These 5 Things, Keep Him

There comes a time in our lives when we say enough is enough to meaningless relationships and flings. We want to have that deep connection with someone who makes you feel unique and important to them. Someone who actually knows your worth and treats you the way you deserve to be treated. Someone who makes you happy.

What Not To Do After A Fight With Your Husband

Fights between married couples are normal and even healthy.

If You Don't Make My Life Easier, I Don't Want You

The whole point of relationships is to be with someone who makes you happy right?

The Best Relationship Is When You Can Act Like Lovers And Best Friends At The Same Time

A relationship where you and your partner can treat each other like a best friend ensures happiness on both ends.

What It Means To Love A Girl Who Has Lived Through Trauma

Going through a traumatic experience changes how you perceive life.

3 Mind Games Toxic People Love To Play With You

How do you know you have a toxic person in your life?

12 Out Of The Box Ideas For The Perfect Date

Taking your lady on a date is one of the most exciting times for a man.