Malanie Moore

The Saudi Arabian Princess of the 21st Century

Deena Abdulaziz Al-Saud is the princess of Saudi Arabia. However, unlike the ordinary female country residents, she wears neither hijab nor burqa. The princess owns a boutique of exclusive clothes. Maybe that’s why she has this European-bold image: short hair, short dresses, eccentric outfits, and accented slenderness.

If You’re Going To Send Him Nudes, Make Sure To Follow These 9 Rules

There was a time when sending nudes was among a list of taboos you should avoid, but that was a long time ago.

Date Someone Who Actually Pursues You

Chasing after a woman is an art form. While chasing a woman is not given much attention because we humans gravitate towards comfortable and predictable routines, pursuing is still important.

10 Telltale Warning Signs Someone Is Jealous Of You

We have all met with the monster called jealousy from time to time. This is usually with regard to people we have an emotional connection to such as romantic partners.

5 Things You Start Giving Less F*Cks About When You Mature

There was a time I gave f*cks right and left, and it was depressing. I was younger then, and I often cared way too much about things that would count for nothing in the end.

It’s Said That There Are 5 Stages Couples Go Through In Love – Unfortunately Many Break Up During Stage 3

Love is a beautiful mystery, and it reveals as much about another person as it does about you. Love is a journey of self-discovery, but the route has to be through someone else’s life. In the end, love is a journey that leads back to you.

How To Help Teens Weather Their Emotional Storms

Few parenting challenges are as difficult as trying to deal with a teenager who is upset. It could be over a test or some other teenage crisis. But what’s more challenging is that, as a parent, you might not be in a position to offer the kind of support your teenage child requires at this point. You can easily make mistakes.

9 Emotional Changes We Face When A Parent Dies

Nobody can take the place of your parent in your life. You may be all grown up now and yes, staying in touch might be a little erratic. But their passing can shake you to the core.

The Healing Power Of The Ocean And Why It’s So Good For You

If you want to heal your brain and alleviate your stress, you should try spending more time at the beach.

8 Clear Signs You're Finally Getting Over Your Narcissistic Asshole Of An Ex

One of the painful dating experiences in life is surviving an abusive, narcissistic relationship.

People Who Are Meant To Be Together Always Find Their Way Back In The End

One of the realities you have to face in this life is that all relationships will be unpredictable to some extent.

Not All Women Want To Be Mothers: The Stigma That Surrounds Choosing Not To Have Children

We are currently living in a world where birth rates are reaching all-time lows because some women understand that they can be perfectly happy without children.

Star Auburn Gymnast Breaks Both Legs In Horror Fall

Friday, April 15, was poised to be a promising day for a senior gymnast, Samantha Cerio, from Alabama's Auburn University. However, the athlete ended up breaking her legs and dislocating her knees after a nasty fall during NCAA gymnastics regionals.

I'm Slowly Learning Not To React To Everything Annoying Me

P.C Brunson in his wise quote said that you need to think once before acting, twice before speaking and three times before posting something on Facebook.

10 Things I Do Because I've Been Through Too Many Heartbreaks

When you have been heartbroken so many times. When you have been cheated on, or have been lied to, and still manage to survive, some things change about you whether you like it or not.

Study Shows Making Fun Of Your Spouse Makes Your Relationship Stronger

Making a relationship successful isn’t hard. The trick is to make your partner laugh.

5 Anxiety Attack Warning Signs That Are Much Harder To Spot Than Hyperventilating

Anxiety makes even the most basic of things seem overwhelmingly hard.

What It’s Really Like To Have An Outgoing Personality But An Anxious Mind

Outgoing people with anxious or overthinking minds experience anxiety more profoundly than the average anxious people,

Waking Up Between 3 And 5 AM Could Indicate A Higher Power Is Trying To Tell You Something

As ancient Chinese medical practitioners will tell you, every aspect of you is linked to a clock system that will energize it at certain times during the day.

Science Proves That Having Sister Will Make You A Better Person

To those brothers out there who have sisters but fail to accept them in their life, it’s time you start treasuring them.