Malanie Moore

How To Make Him Actually Want To Marry You

Who doesn't dream of getting married? Many people have been thinking about it since childhood. And when you love someone, all you can foresee is him marrying you.

To The Girl With A Tired Soul, It’s Time For You To Heal Yourself

I was well aware of my state, and my one question was; “how the hell did this happen?” I pondered and wondered who I was, but no answers were forthcoming.

This Year, Let Go Of The People Who Aren’t Ready To Love You

This year, make a resolution to let go off all those people who are just there in your life for the sake of it, or maybe because you have held on to them.

Being Lonely Is Worse Than 15 Cigarettes A Study Confirms

The world is pretty much in agreement that being a smoker is pretty bad, regardless of how serious of a smoking problem you have. But loneliness, a study has found out, is much worse.

What To Do When You Discover You Are Not The One

One of the hardest things you can deal with in life is discovering that the person you had set your heart and mind on as “the one” does not think the same of you.

One Day You'll Lose Her And Before You Know It She'll Be Gone Forever

You ignored all of the signs and warnings, but the time for reckoning has finally arrived. This has been a slow and steady process, and the woman your heart knew to be the one has finally called it quits.

7-Year-Old Wins ASPCA Award For Rescuing More Than 1,300 Dogs

Among the things you’d expect from children aged between three and seven, rescuing dogs would probably not be on top of the list.

I Am Finally Moving Away From You Because You Have Never Given Me Any Reason To Stay

Relationships require love, attention, and efforts to keep going. Unfortunately, the efforts from just one person cannot keep it running.

Your Forgetfulness May Be A Sign Of Extraordinary Intelligence, According To Science

Intelligence is essential, especially when in school. Everyone feels happy when they remember even little information that they learned many years ago.

The Negative And Weak Sides Of Your Zodiac Sign

In the stars, there is something written about your personality.

Things That Mature Woman Give No F*cks About

Women care about a lot of things, some of them important and some not so important. Mature women, however, only care about the most important things in their lives.

I Don't Do Halfway Love—If We're Not Crazy About Each Other, Let's Move On

I love the idea of falling in love and dating a serious guy.

What You Were Supposed To Learn By 2018, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Most of us tend to reach for the stars for guidance based on our zodiac signs.

Why Men Are Intimidated By Women Who Are Strong and Independent

It might be a fact that men are scared of powerful women because powerful women don’t need men.

Aunts Are Extremely Important In Their Nieces And Nephews' Lives

Aunts are so important in the lives of your children, and with their help, you can be sure that your kids have all the guidance and care that they need.

If You Are Not Loved, Leave! You Deserve A Relationship You Don't Have To Beg For

Love requires work, and work requires dedication. So when a relationship turns sour, or things start to fall apart, the first instinctive response most people have is, "I need to fix it.

Getting Out Of A Toxic Relationship Will Infinitely Better Your Life—Trust Me, I Know

Sometimes even the best people find themselves in toxic relationships.

Why Dating Resumes Should Really Be A Thing

We are so used to writing cover letters and resumes for finding new jobs in life, and yet it's not something we ever thought to do for our romantic lives.

Why Smart Women Are More Likely To Remain Single

Being smart is an admirable virtue, and every man strives to be with such a woman.

Recognizing An Unconditional Kind Of Love

Unconditional love is a special kind of love. A love that many people find hard to explain.