Kenzie Whitlock

Yes, You Can Get Rid Of Toxic Family Members From Your Life

I am not oblivious to the fact that having to get someone you share a family bond with out of your life can be painful and overwhelming.

5 Reasons Why An Empath Struggles To Deal With The Extraordinary Skill

The common notion is that Empaths act the way they do naturally. It just happens without their knowledge, just like the way the neuron system senses things around it. Some people believe that it is in their DNA.

If You Want To Succeed, Distance Yourself From Toxic Personalities

Success is not contagious, it comes through hard work, self-motivation and meeting the right people.

6 Real Physical Signs Someone Is Thinking About You

It’s lovely to be in the mind of someone you cherish.

14 Undeniable Signs He Loves You Secretly And Deeply

It’s not always easy to tell if a man loves you or is just having a good time until they move on to someone else.

What Love Is Like When You Have High Standards For Yourself

Some women demand the very best for themselves as they date, and few things can be as frustrating as finding a perfect romantic partner.

Stop Torturing Your Heart - He Won’t Change

I know you believe that things will change for the better. Yes, he may not be the dream man you always wish for, but you still are convinced he will change.

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Sleeping Next To Someone You Love

You probably always knew that sleeping next to the love of your life was a good idea.

To All The Single Moms Out There: You Are True Heroes

There are many easy things in this world, but being a mom is not one of them. Being a single mom is even tougher, much tougher.

8 Stages Of Healing After Surviving Narcissistic Abuse

Being in the hands of a narcissist is akin to being under a dark cloud of abuse.

Why You Should Love Yourself First Before You Can Love Others

Love - an emotion that is so simple and fulfilling, yet so complicated and confusing.

People Who Are Always Late Will Live Longer, More Successful Lives

Are you that friend that is always late for everything?

Nick Jonas And Priyanka Chopra Get Married In India

There have been speculations about Nick and Chopra dating. They've been spotted together over and over again and now they've squshed the rumors by tying the knot!

Traits Of An Outgoing Introvert

The label of being an introvert and extrovert doesn't always fit certain types of personalities. It can be confusing to think which side you belong to as your traits don't always match one or the other. Your struggle to fit into the label probably means that you are an outgoing introvert.

Why You’ll Regret Leaving The Woman Who Loved You With All Of Her Heart

One great gift that we as women have is the ability to love with all our hearts.

When A Man Will Deeply Regret Losing A Good Woman

If you lose a good woman, no matter how much you try to win her heart again, you will never bring her back.

Signs Of A Strong Woman That Make Her Stand Out From Everyone Else

Some women choose not to let the storms that life throws in their way steal their joy.

Reasons Why Men Who End Up With Nurses Are The Happiest

Nurses are known to be tough, caring and gentle at the same time. Those are some of the best characteristics men look for in their women.

Stop Minimizing Your Accomplishments To Make Men Feel Better About Themselves

A lot of women downplay their accomplishments to less ambitious and unsuccessful men.

Women With Big Hearts — Never Apologize For Loving Intensely

Being a big-hearted woman means that your love is pure, unconditional, and your empathy is admirable.