Kenzie Whitlock

Stop Raising Your Boyfriend. He Should Be Your Equal, Not Your Child

Girl, you're caring for him, not dating him.

Scientists Reveal That Redheads Are Actually Genetic Superheroes

They are real-life mutants due to the rare MC1R gene mutation.

Scientists Verify Elderberry Beats the Flu, Prevents Colds & Strengthens Immunity

There is evidence of the elderberry being cultivated by the prehistoric man with recipes dating back to ancient Egypt.

Man Who Loves Drifting Builds 'Drift Driveway' Around His House, Angers Wife

Car enthusiasts are usually very passionate about their cars and are ready to put in every possible effort to spruce up their playground. One driver, however, decided to go much further and build a drift track around his home. 

6-Year-Old Pictured Eating Alone After Nobody Turned Up To His Birthday Party

Kids' birthdays are meant to be fun, with sweets, presents, games and, well, guests, who in most cases are the kids' friends, right? 

Target's Cheese Advent Calendar Includes 24 Mini Cheeses In Varieties That Will Make You Swoon

If you are in love with a treat of cheese, then get ready for celebration because Target is bringing a $20 cheese advent calendar this holiday season.

Super Nintendo World Theme Park Is Under Construction

Nintendo recently announced that they are building an actual theme park land, based on Nintendo, where you can literally immerse yourself in the mushroom kingdom and other great Nintendo settings.

The Bigger The Head; The Smarter The Baby: So Says Science

We’ve always heard that size doesn’t matter, but in reference to an infants head, size does matter a lot. Briefly put, according to research findings, the bigger the head, the smarter the baby.

Ways To Deal With The Pain Of Loving Someone You Can't Be With

Love is a mysterious thing, and you may find yourself loving a person you can’t have.

Nice Guys Aren't Always Good Men - Learn The Difference

For every pure and good-hearted woman, there is no difference between a nice guy and a good man. However, try asking those women who have gone through tough times in life and know exactly what depression and heartbreak are. These women understand clearly the difference between a nice guy and a good man.

13 Things Respectful And Good Men Do That Narcissists Can't Ever Offer You

When a woman is thinking of a good man, she is not usually thinking of a perfect or know-it-all macho man.

Here's Why A Woman Will Leave You Even Though She Loves You

While women break up with men for a vast array of issues, there is one overwhelming truth that men need to know: a woman will break up with you even though she loves you.

Be Brave Enough To Leave When You Have Nothing Left To Hold On To

Sometimes, the hardest part of a relationship comes when we have to say goodbye to our partners.

A Man Who Truly Loves You Won't Stop Pursuing You – It’s That Simple

Men are wired to pursue. It’s simply in their DNA, and if he is not doing it with you, or he has stopped doing it, then it’s as simple as it gets; he just isn’t that into you.

At The End Every Man Regrets Losing The Woman Who Waited For Him To Get His Shit Together

A woman who genuinely cares about you and loves you will give you so many chances before she is done trying. Do everything you can to get your shit together before she realizes that her life would be much better without you!

The Real Reason Why Empaths And Narcissists Are A Toxic Combination

Narcissists and empaths have opposite personalities.

Dating Is Depressing AF When You Genuinely Want To Find Love

As you get farther along in the dating game, it’s likely that you may feel like you will never find the love that’s right for you.

Hepeating-Sexism That You've Probably Experienced

A lot of women in the corporate sector have probably had their ideas “hepeated” by a man.

Wearing Black Clothes And What It Says About Your Personality

Many people have many ways of expressing who they are and what they feel inside.

For All The Girls With Long Distance Best Friends

Long distance love is extremely hard to deal with. Well, what about long-distance friendships?