Kenzie Whitlock

The Final Goodbye – What Happens After You Leave Your Narcissistic Partner

It’s exhausting and stressful being in a romantic relationship with a narcissist. And breaking up with such people will be hard because they’ll cause mayhem when they leave you.

7 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Woman With A Big Heart And An Overthinking Mind

What're the traits you look for in your future partner? Of course, she must be beautiful, kind and with a big heart.

Find Your Native American Zodiac Symbol And Its Meaning!

For thousands of years, Native American tribes have derived deep symbolic meanings from animal symbols.

One Day You’ll Meet Someone Who'll Hold On To You For Your Beautiful Soul

Fewer things are harder to deal with than accepting the fact that someone you love does not appreciate you. Being taken for granted by the love of your life can really break your heart.

Here's How A Narcissist Plays The Victim And Twists The Story

I am guessing you have had a run in with a narcissist before.

12 Zodiac Signs Ranked From Angel To Devil

Every zodiac sign is associated with a celestial being.

To The Girl Who Grew Up Without A Father: You Are Loved

Girls who grow up without a father understands how life can be. And if you’re one of them know that you’re born with the strength to overcome any challenge that might come on your way. No matter how it hurts, you’ll survive it.

Eggboy To Donate GoFundMe Money To Victims Of Christchurch Terror Attack

Eggboy, a notorious teenager who saw a meteoritic rise to fame after hitting senator Fraser Anning with an egg on the head says that the GoFundMe money being raised in his name will go towards the victims of Christchurch terror attack.

There Is Nothing Sexier Than A Man Who Makes An Effort

Don't fool yourself. Pretending that you don’t give a damn is not charming.

This Is For You, The “Bestie” Who Vanished From My Life Like I Was Nothing

But then the unexpected happened, you simply vanished out of my life like I never existed.

For The Guy Who Comes After Her Heartbreak

You could not resist the captivating glow in her eye and her beautiful smile. But for some reason, you can tell there are deep mysteries lying beneath these irresistible charms. And it's because she is learning to be happy again, and believe it or not, she wants to let you in.

To The Girl Who Needs To Remember She's More Than Enough

Why do you feel unworthy of love? One of the beautiful things you need to understand is that you’re more than good enough.

Wearing Your Boyfriend’s Clothes Boosts Mental Health, So Stealing His Hoodie Is Officially Self-Care

I think that besides looking really sexy and cute wearing your boyfriend’s comfortable oversized shirt, it’s really great enjoying how he smells.

Your "Meanest" Friend, Is Actually The Friend Who Cares The Most

Have you ever stopped thinking why you still love that friend who is brutally honest with you?

Stop Blaming "The Other Woman" For Your Boyfriend Cheating — He's The One Who Betrayed You

It may sound totally fair to blame other women for coming onto your boyfriend and tempting him to cheat on you, but it is actually not their fault.

Real Men Make An Effort, They Don't Make Excuses

This is sad but true – a real man is hard to find today. It’s not that you are not serious in your search for one. And it's not like they have gone into hiding either. There is genuinely a serious shortage of real men.

Don't Waste Time On A Guy Who Doesn't Consider You A Priority

How many times have you wasted your energy on people who are not worth your time? If you are like me, your answer is probably "a lot".

What It Means To Love A Woman Who Is Fighting PCOS

A woman fighting PCOS will feel too unhappy at one time, and the next moment she’s too cheerful.

Begging Is Not For A Strong Woman When She Feels Unwanted

Then everything that could go wrong went wrong. He leaves, and she has no idea why.

8 Reasons Why I’m Not Afraid Of Being Single, I’m Afraid Of Being With A Guy Who Doesn’t Give A Damn About Me

There’s nothing wrong with staying single. Even though as humans we’re fearful of loneliness, being alone is better than having an unhappy relationship.