Kate Masters

The Narcissist As A Friend. SMH They Are The Players We Can All Do Without Right?

We have all heard of Narcissism and the people who behave like this are without doubt the cruellest we encounter.

Narcissists Always Twist The Story To Make Themselves The Victim

Those that have strong narcissistic tendencies have certain destructive social tendency.

30 Top Picks For Inspirational Quotes From The Poets Of Facebook And Instagram

I recently gave you my 30 top picks for the poetess’s.

FUCK IT! – I Am Done Trying To Make Everyone Happy

Pleasing people is almost a habit some of us develop from a young age.

Stay The Hell Away From These 7 Types Of Toxic People!

Here’s at least 7 toxic types you’d be advised to stay away from.

8 Encouraging Things To Say To Someone Ending 2018 With A Heavy Heart

As this year draws to a close, the excitement of a New Year and new beginnings can bring new hope and inspiring thoughts and dreams.

Virgo In 2019

A little of what you fancy does you good. Getting organised and relaxing in equal measure will keep life ticking over nicely so things don’t get boring.

Taurus In 2019

Luck and laughter are likely, and by knuckling down and not being tied down and you can get in the driving seat and set your own pace and destination.

Scorpio In 2019

Whatever you put your mind to is within your reach. There’s a swagger in your step, and the good times flow with those you know and love.

Sagittarius In 2019

There’s a glow about you and a confident air. You have the feeling that everything will turn out all right, and it will, with bells on!

Gemini In 2019

You’ll enjoy warmth and mutual appreciation in abundance, with plenty of celebrations and events to host. Sharing joy with others is on the cards.

Zodiac Signs And Social Media

We all use social media for almost everything these days. Look and see what your sign says about you. Let us know if you agree.

Could You Be The Perfect Target To Feed A Narcissists Dark Soul, They Are The Ultimate Parasites?

Narcissists view anyone as a potential target for their never-ending need of supply. The higher profile a person is the greater the achievement for the narcissist.

3 Mind Games Toxic People Love To Play With You

You are not the exception.

Pisces In 2019

This is the year when dreams can be realised, your creative juices flow, travel to faraway limes in on the cards and your career can blossom.

Libra In 2019

Look before you leap, and then see what treats await you…. Careful planning can lead to new horizons and you can make up for any lost time.

Leo In 2019

Many possibilities abound, and your quest to find the best ones is set to be a thrill. On every day and in every way, life can become more fulfilling.

Hallmark Christmas Movies 2018 Schedule

We all love to snuggle up with some mulled wine, chocolates and some holiday movies to get us in the mood.

30 Top Picks For Inspirational Quotes From The Poetess’s Of Facebook And Instagram

Being part of the writer’s community on Facebook and Instagram I see some of the most incredible and inspirational quotes pouring out of the community every day.

Are Cats Psychic And Able To See Spirits?

All animals have played a part in religious cultures, none more so than cats.

Capricorn In 2019

Doing what you know best while making clever changes helps you surge ahead. The game of life is about to get more joyful and intriguing…

Cancer In 2019

This year sees you more on track and getting your mojo back. You’re on a roll with people to see and places to go as the stars put on their show.

Narcissists Love To Spoil The Holidays — They Thrive On The Drama They Cause

With the holidays fast approaching, those of us that know of or are involved with a narcissist all know that this time of the year is a favorite time for the game playing to reach new heights.

Stop Caring What People Think

I’ve found the less I care, the happier my life has become.

The Online Stalker

Some narcissists love to use social media to get all the attention they need on a daily basis. Other narcissists will use Facebook and Instagram to stalk and keep an eye on you, your family, your friends, your job just so they know what you’re doing.

30 Best Quotes On Narcissism

Narcissism impacts our lives in many ways. We all know of at least one, be it in a working environment or in a personal relationship.

Aries In 2019

It’s a time for more games and fewer strains. You’re on a cosmic journey to renewed confidence and every move will boost your will to succeed.

Aquarius In 2019

With new objectives and lucky chances, this is your year to show those around you what your true colors are – wow, are they shining bright!