Jessica Garcia-Liller

Holiday Apple Pie Sangria

For most of us, we often associate apple pie with the holidays.

Very Powerful Advice About Life From A Dying 24 Year Old

If you knew your time on Earth was almost up, what would you have to say to everyone else?

To All Who Said Times Heals Everything, They Lied

It has been said that time heals all wounds. I don't agree.

10 Year Old Stomps In Head Of Baby In A Panic Says Sheriff

A 10-year-old girl dropped a six-month-old baby, and when the baby started to cry, she panicked and stomped on the child's head.

Cranberry Jell-O Shots

Jello shots always make for a fun time. Usually, most people associate jello shots with the summer so here is a fantastic way to make them festive for the holidays.

Fearless Child Plays With Python

Watch a child playing with a giant python in East Java, Indonesia.

Creepiest Things Journalist Have Ever Investigated

No one should have to experience what these journalists from Ask Reddit have! These are their personal stories.

It's Time To Start Hanging Your Christmas Decorations Earlier

What do you know, it is already that time of year again! You thought I was going to say, "time to start drinking pumpkin spice lattes and eat all things pumpkin," right?

Wine May Help You Live Over 90 Years Old

You can live longer wIth... Wine?

Your Zodiac Sign As A Mother Can Say A Lot

Whether you believe astrology or not, you might be surprised to learn what your zodiac sign says about the type of mother you are or will become.