Hope Marshall

Three-Year-Old Boy Killed In Mosque Terror Attack As He Tried To Run Away

At least 49 people lost their lives as dozens more suffered injuries following shootings at two mosques in Christchurch on March 15.

You Can Anonymously Send Someone A Chocolate Dick

Do you have someone you think they ought to know that they are, well, a dick?

If They Don't Love You, Let Them Go

Honestly, denying someone you love is not the easiest thing in the world once he/she has a place in your heart. But sometimes, you have to do it for your own good because regardless of how loving you are towards some people, they will never return the favor.

Ignore Her And She'll Learn To Live Without You

Don’t buy into the “play hard to get” myth. It has cost a lot of people the best partners.

Justin And Hailey Are In Love And Happily Married, It Was Not Easy

Justin Bieber claims he is a changed man. That now that he is a married man, a life of blatant excesses and late nights of partying are all behind him.

If Two People Are Bound To Be Together, They’ll Get Their Way Back

People believe in true love for a reason. It exists. It's rare but it exists,

You’re Going To Regret Losing A Girl Who Tried So Hard For You

She gave you affection, support, understanding, and protection without asking anything in return. She believed unconditional love is a standard quality that every person should possess.

These Gigantic Pool Floats Fit Up To Six People At A

We agree. Inflatables look fun and cool; especially now that they can look like giant birds gliding over the water. But they have been too small if the new standards are anything to go by since they can fit only two people at a time.

Why Never Getting Married Is The Smartest Decision You Can Make

So you have been in this relationship for a while and you actually think he or she’s the “one”. The next thing on the list is probably getting married and settling down.

12 Undeniable Signs Of Chemistry Between Two People

Chemistry is the glue that holds two people together. Without it, it is only a matter of time before it becomes apparent that the relationship is sure to fail. But considering the wide range of emotions that spring up during a relationship, what signs can tell you that there is chemistry between two people or not?

This Is Why You’re Afraid Of Love, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

We often read our horoscopes to get an idea of how our lives will turn out in the future.

This Is How A Man Who Thinks You're Good Enough Will Treat You

There is a lot of truth about how man will treat you if you are the right choice for him.

The More Educated You Are, The Less Guys Want To Date You

Most guys are intimidated by smart, strong women.

Neuroscientists Say Your Forgetfulness Is Actually A Sign Of Extraordinary Intelligence

For a long time, forgetfulness has been associated with low intelligence. Thankfully this is not actually the case.

Behaviors That Emotionally Hurt People Display Without Realizing

Sometimes the person you thought was the love of your life ends up leaving you. You remain heartbroken with deep wounds, and you don't know when they'll heal.

Men Say They Want An Intelligent Woman...Until They Date One

When you ask a man what type of a woman they would like to date, they will suggest that she has to be smart. After they give descriptions such as in good shape, a beautiful face, a good character, and ambitious, 86% will add an intelligent woman to the list.

Things Loyal Men Will Do With No Hesitation

Loyalty is one of the most important things in any relationship. It is only through loyalty that your relationship can survive tough times. Now, what is loyalty? Do we really know what loyalty looks like? If your man does these things, then he is loyal.

This Is The Age That Men Start Wanting Serious Relationships, According To Experts

Do you have a male friend that you have been going out with for a while now?

When A Narcissist Says These Phrases, This Is What They Really Mean

A relationship with a narcissist is the worse thing that can ever happen to you.

Ladies, Your Life Shouldn’t Be All About Finding A Man Or A Husband

Women tend to obsess over finding a boyfriend or husband as if it’s fundamental to a meaningful existence. Having a great partner can surely help, but it cannot give you lasting happiness in life.