Elayna Skye

Are You An Assertive, Badass Woman? 12 Signs You Take No Crap

She was supposed to be timid and subservient, subjected to others, particularly men; sculptured into a certain stereotype. Look today and see strong women, full of conviction and control. Yet they are still very feminine and much adore, even if secretly. Are you one of these assertive badass women? Here are the 12 “secrets” of this woman.

Sarcastic Women Make The Best Friends

In every group of girls, there are certain roles that everyone is known for.

Things Self-Respecting People With High Integrity Won't Tolerate

When it comes to a human’s life, integrity entails doing what is right even without others’ acknowledgment.

The Strongest Women Are Women With Anxiety

The likelihood of suffering from anxiety and depression is twice as much in women compared to men.

You Deserve More Than A Halfway Kind Of Love

Dear ladies, please do not settle for less than you deserve.

Signs He Actually Thinks You're "The One"

Your man may not be speaking straight, but you can tell from his little actions. Here are some clues he thinks you're "the one."

Things People Regret the Most Before They Die

Have you ever imagined being at your funeral? What would people say about you?

Inspiring Traits Of People Who Possess True Integrity

In a world where almost everyone seems to be evil and corrupt, it may seem hopeless trying to find someone with an admirable virtue such as integrity.

Behaviors That Are Typical Of An Authentic Empath

Empathy is a very special and precious gift.

People Who Stay Friends With Their Exes Might Be Psychopaths A New Study Reveals

Sometimes parting ways with someone you were madly in love with can be the worst thing ever. You can't imagine living without them. So instead of saying goodbye forever, you opt to remain friends.

Sad Truths About Narcissists Which Prove They Are Unable To Love

Narcissists are torn between their pain and their love, not knowing whether to stay or simply leave, but can't seem to do any of these.

The Most Apparent Signs That Your Partner Is Deeply In Love With You Even If They Don't Say It (Confirmed By Specialists)

At times, it’s difficult to tell when your partner is madly in love with you.

Stop Giving Your Feelings To A Guy Who Won’t Claim You

If he refuses to put a label on you, he's probably just wasting your time, and standing in your way of finding real love. Leave him.

Signs You Fell For The Right Man

I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying, “There’s someone for everyone,” and I’m sure when you were a little girl, you fantasized about meeting the perfect guy.

Positive Signs That Every Woman Should Look For In Her Man

Life has a painful way of teaching us some very valuable lessons.

Things That Happen When You Are Forced To Separate From A Soulmate

Life can sometimes be unfair.

To The Person Who Emotionally Destroyed Me - Thank You

“What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.” These are powerful words spoke by many.

Netflix’s New Horror Show Is So Scary It’s Making People Pass Out

A lot of people are used to seeing pretty horrifying and gory things, including real-life snuff films that would make even the most hardened horror fans wretch their guts, but no one was ready for the new horror show that Netflix recently released.

11 Manipulation Methods Narcissists Use To Get Inside Your Head

If there’s one thing narcissists care about – it’s themselves.

What Happens When You Fall Head Over Heels In Love With A Girl Who Loves Wholeheartedly

You have put yourself out there before and dared to love. You’ve known what unrequited love feels like. One too many times, you’ve had your heart broken by someone who said they loved you. It’s all left a bitter taste in your mouth, and you convince yourself that love just isn’t for you after all.