Elayna Skye

10 Qualities Of Empaths Preventing Them From Finding Long-Term Partner

Empathy is the ability to read and understand the people around you, or being able to resonate with others. For natural empaths, this ability comes to them naturally. As a result, they tend to be hypersensitive people who generally experience high levels of compassion towards others.

My Darling, You Deserve To Be With Someone That Recognizes Your Worth

Being in love with a person who recognizes your worth and appreciates you just like the way you do to them is one of the most beautiful feelings in life.

13 Signs A Friend Likes You Romantically But He Tries To Hide It

There is a huge debate around the subject of men and women being just friends.

14 Ways To Love A Woman Who’s A Badass Free Spirit

Free spirits live on their own terms; and if you happen to fall in love with one, you will have to change your expectations and actions a little if the relationship is to have a future.

If A Man Loves You, He'll Never Let You Go

Does he really love you? Yes, your heart longs for him and his affection. In fact, you’ve already pictured a future with him. However, he doesn’t seem committal.

Fathers Have Huge Impact On Their Daughters’ Lives, Science Says

While people acknowledge that fathers play a role in their daughter’s life, many don’t understand how big the impact is.

The World Is Not Kind To People With Big Emotions

If you have big emotions, you should expect the world to be a little cold and hostile towards you at one point or another.

People Want A Reality Show Where Flat Earthers Hunt For The Edge Of The World

It is said that if you cannot beat them, you should join them; or, at least in the case of flat-earthers, indulge them.

Somewhere, Right Now, A Guy Regrets Messing It Up With You

You have seen this narrative before - a girl falls madly in love with a guy, the guy messes up and takes her for granted and the relationship ends.

An Open Letter To The Guy WHo Rejected Me Because Of My Weight

I put myself out there and allowed you into my life with no reservations, thinking and hoping the feeling was mutual. It’s a real shame that your rejected me, and a bigger shame that you did so because you thought I’m too fat for you.

An Open Letter To The Woman Who Hasn’t Been Herself Lately

Listen, life gets hard, harder. There are situations that might get overwhelming. But guess what? You have faced much worse than this. Do you remember how life hasn’t been just sunshine? Then, do understand that life hasn’t been just storms as well.

The Best Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With The Person Who Does These Things

Falling in love is a feeling that we all go through at some point in our lives.

Never Ignore A Person Who Loves You And Cares For You

Do you take time to show appreciation to your loved ones? How often do you reply to the ' I love you,' or 'I miss you' text from your spouse?

A Man Who Knows Your Worth Will Come Along

Ladies, there is a huge difference between a man who wants you and a man who values you. The day you understand this difference is the day you will find the right man.

Signs It’s Not Your Body, But It's Your Soul That Is Tired

What happens when your soul says enough is enough?

Badass Women Often Struggle Even In A Healthy Relationship

Badass women are strong, independent and seem to have everything going for them in life. So why do we struggle in our relationships?

I Still Want You, But I Had To Stop Chasing You

I pursued you in confidence because I genuinely believed in all that we could be.

This Is What Happens When You Finally Leave A Manipulative Narcissist

Few things could be as damaging to your self-worth and self-esteem as being in a relationship with a narcissist. That is why these relationships are not exactly easy to walk away from, because the bastard has convinced you that the hell of a relationship you are having is even more than you deserve.

Sometimes Strong Friends Needs A Shoulder To Lean On Too

In life, some people are naturally seen as emotionally stronger than others. This creates a social responsibility upon the emotionally strong to be always available for others through thick and thin.

Hugging Can Be The Most Beautiful Form Of Communication

Hugging is one of the oldest gestures known to man. It is a gesture that's associated with love and affection. It's also meant to convey comfort in times of distress and intimacy in romantic situations.