Elayna Skye

Here Is Why You Should Never Be Sorry For Being Too Clingy

You should never be too sorry for being too sweet or too attached, or even too caring.

God, I Don’t Know What The Future Holds But I’m Counting On You

I have no idea what your future plans for me are about. I haven’t the slightest clue how the next few months ahead of me will be like.

Attractive People Reveal The Ups And Downs Of Being Beautiful, And It’s Hard To Say If They’re Lucky

Many of us tend to believe attractive people always have it easy. Though sometimes it might be the case, studies have shown that beauty is hardly heaven on earth. Some good-looking people will even see it more as a curse than a blessing to them.

You Shouldn’t Fear Painful Split-Ups Because They Could Be a Stepping Stone to a Lifelong Love

It’s painful breaking up with someone you love, and getting over them is not the easiest thing in the world.

The 8 Most Serious Issues Every Sensitive Over-Thinker Struggles With

Some people overthink everything, and no detail gets past them. I suppose that is useful in some cases. But overthinking can be a problem when everything in life is overanalyzed.

All Career Advice For Women Is A Form Of Gaslighting

If you are like many women out there, then you have had your fair share of ‘career advice,’ especially with regard to how you should not let sexist double standards get in the way of your promising career.

Suicide Doesn’t Discriminate: 6 Warning Signs That Could Save Someone You Love

Kate Spade, a designer, took her own life last Tuesday morning. She used a scarf.

Do You Struggle To Sleep During A Full Moon? A Scientific Explanation

During the full moon, human behavior tends to feel different from the ordinary, according to science. At these times, we tend to get easily irritable, anxious, and experience changes in our sleeping patterns.

9 Things A Man Only Does When He’s Really In Love

What could be more beautiful than being in a relationship with someone who loves you? But after all those botched relationships, in which you believed it when the guy when he swore he loved you, you are not so confident that the man in your life today does.

Men Are 6 Times More Likely To leave Their Wives When Serious Illness Strikes, Studies Show

Marriage vows say ‘in sickness and in health’, but reality tells a different story. According to a study, men are not particularly keen on sticking around when ill health plagues their partners. In fact, men are 6 times more likely to abandon their wives when serious sickness strikes.

Dumb Mistakes Women Make When We Like A Guy Way Too Much

For us women, and for the guys as well, I think liking someone means wanting to spend all our time besides them with the hopes that a relationship will form. But women can take things to ridiculously misguided heights; and here are some ways this happens.

Trauma Caused By A Manipulative Narcissist Is Far More Than Simple Heartbreak

I guess I knew that the world we live in is not perfect.

This Is What It Means When He Touches You In These 7 Places

Your man is attracted to you in a lot of different ways, and he will show this to you through the way he looks at you, what he says to you, and also the way he touches you. However, there are different meanings behind his touches. Here are seven places he will touch you and what it means.

I Used My Dog Training Techniques On My Boyfriend & It Totally Worked

My boyfriend and I have gotten a puppy together, and it’s really cute and fun, although it was quite naughty. And so, we had to get a dog trainer to help correct his behavior, and I have used some of the very same techniques on my guy. (He doesn’t know about this)

I Want to Stay In Every Night and Chill, So What?

Dressing up in uncomfortable clothes and wasting money on night parties that make me wake up with hangovers is not my idea of fun.

8 Reasons You Cannot Stop Attracting Toxic Men

I know that I keep attracting the wrong kind of men. The narcissists and weirdos seem drawn to me, and I have even laughed it off with my friends.

Women Need To Stop Wearing Workout Leggings To All Places That Aren't The Gym

Men have been underrating women for centuries. And in today’s society, a woman needs to put in extra efforts than a man to attain her goal or to succeed.

Settling Down Late Is Better Than Settling Down With The Wrong Person

It’s okay not to settle down when you’re in your 20s. You don’t have to meet your “Perfect” soulmate while in high school or college.

7 Things Only People Who Have Lost A Loved One Will Understand

Sometimes we might take people who’re close to us for granted. But when we lose them, it’ll leave us grieving and wishing we can bring them back.

Here’s How Strong Women Win Against Narcissists

Crossing paths with a narcissist is without a doubt one of life’s greatest challenges.