Crystal Gregory

Baby Bangs Hair Trend 2019

New year, new resolutions, new trends, new everything.

Reasons Why Bossy Girls Are The Best Girls

There are the silent types, the loud ones, the sassy ones, the bossy ones, and the list goes on and on.

People Who Always Point Out Grammar Mistakes Are JERKS, Science Says

Do you find yourself correcting other people due to grammar errors? Do you come across overly concerned about typos?

Ways A Woman Hurt By A Narcissist Loves Differently

He ruined her, and left her broken in pieces. Her relationship with the narcissist changed how she will love forever.

Rare White Reindeer Calf Poses In Snowy Norway

In the most exciting fashion, a rare white reindeer calf was spotted, creating a beautiful Christmas story.

You're Feeling Me? Cut The Vibes And Let Me Know Then

Guys, it's not okay to keep a woman guessing. Your job is to be upfront about what it is you want. If you're attracted to me, the least you can do is let me know about it. Otherwise, your feelings of attraction won't be much help to either of us.

What's Left After Dating A Narcissist

Narcissists have mastered the art of disguise, and a woman dating a narcissist will never be aware she is dating one until it's too late.

Significant Differences Between A Life Partner And A Soul Mate

Often, individuals confuse the words soulmate and life partner. The truth is, even though the two sound similar, they have entirely different meanings.

People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Certain Things Because You're Emotionally Hurt

We all have different ways that we deal with pain.

Frightening Signs Of Narcissistic Rage

Narcissists have an inflated sense of their own importance, as well as a deep need for attention. They also lack empathy and will lash out at any perceived threat to their self-esteem.

Here's How You Know You'll Be Okay After A Breakup, No Matter How Bad Your Heart Hurts

As human beings, we may experience breaks ups, and the feeling that follows is unexplainable. Heartbreaks are among the most painful experiences you can have in life. It is not wrong to feel bad after a break up it is part of human nature.

The Real Reasons Men Fall In Love, According To Research

Falling in love is a beautiful but complex thing.

How Come Empaths Have Such A Strong Sense Of Not Belonging?

Despite all the advantages of being an empath, like being an introvert, has many disadvantages. The main disadvantage is “not belonging.” This is sometimes considered ironic given the ability of empaths to feel others’ emotions as their own.

A Woman Who Knows Her Worth Will Accept No Less Than These Things From Any Relationship

Many of us make the mistake of getting into a relationship even when we know it's toxic. At the end of the day, we always end up getting hurt.

7 Lies Young People With Depression Tell Themselves

Millennials are the kind generation who want to get things done quickly. When they don't get what they want when they want it, they easily get depressed. These are the lies they tell themselves when they are depressed.

Obnoxious Things Women With Type A Personalities Have To Deal With Everyday

Type A personality women generally are intense, competitive and highly visionary, very neat, impatient, goal driven, bossy, hard workers, interrupt people, more worried about time wastage and tend to eat fast.