Bailey Thompson

What You Need to Know About the Nice Girl Who’s Unbelievably Tough

There is a girl you will rarely meet – a nice girl who is also incredibly tough.

You May Have Broken Me, But You’ve Made Me Realize My Worth

I always dreamt of a life with you, and I chose you even when I had good friends and my beloved family.

I Don’t Need Expensive Gifts, Spoil Me With Loyalty

If you want to really spoil me, it’s your attention I need.

F*ck Anyone Who Likes You But Not Enough To Commit To You

F*ck anyone who sees value in you only when he/she desires the attention. He is just a mean individual who thinks of you as more of a tool rather than an ornament.

A Real Man Always Puts His Woman First

A man who loves you will always put you first. He will make you his priority because to him you are not just a mere option.

I Never Thought I'd Be Saying This, But I Just Want A Nice, Boring Man

Nice guys finish last — That's how millennials comfort nice guys. Most ladies, myself included, love the thrill of bad boys.

Common Things A Woman Does When She's Been Hurt Too Many Times

There are certain life-changing experiences you've gone through in your life that have made you who you are today.

'Mental Murder' Narcissists Pretend You’re Dead So You Can't Destroy Their Fake World

Narcissism is a heroic achievement of positive opinion for oneself. It is a state of mind that makes you have an extremely high view for your own look, achievements, and opinions.

Positive Signs You Are Arguing With A Manipulative Sociopath, Emotional Psychopath Or A Narcissist

Sociopaths can transform themselves into being a loving partner, a perfect listener, a great lover, or even a best friend.

Guys, If You Want To Keep Us, Don’t Stop Putting In Effort Once You Have Us

Every relationship has its own set of ups and downs. At the beginning of most relationships, guys will put in all the effort to get you, but after time it seems to die down.

Signs You’re Not Depressed - You’re Only Surrounded By Assholes

Too many times in our lives, we are quick to self-diagnose and jump to the conclusion that we are depressed, when in reality, it all has to do with who we let into our lives. Assholes exist to make us miserable, but only when we let them.

A Real Woman Doesn't Care About Material Possessions - She Craves Unconditional Love And Attention

Some women need material things to be happy, but real women can be happy without a lot of possessions at their disposal.

Trix Cereal's Fruit-Shaped Pieces From The ‘90s Are Making A Glorious Comeback

Do you still remember the fruit-shaped Trix cereals that we loved before? Guess what? Trix is going to bring back the fruit-shaped pieces that it was known for especially in the 90s.

This Is Your 30-Day Self-Love Challenge: Become Your Own Best Friend And Hero

You don’t need to backpack around the world or spend some time living in a monastery to change your life around. Sometimes, making seemingly small changes to everyday living is all you need.

8 Things Any Strong Woman Requires In A Relationship

Being in a relationship is all about compromising things. 

Dating The Wrong Guys Made Me Emotionally Unavailable

When I was younger, I was quite naive when it came to dating.

15 Quotes To Inspire Single Women

You're amazing, intelligent, powerful and you don't need a man to validate you! These quotes are for you!

12 Things To Know If You Want To Get Close To A Person With INFJ

INFJ is one of the sixteen personality forms found in the Myers-Briggs Type personality indicator.

Reasons Why an Alpha Female Makes the Best Girlfriend

An alpha woman is characterized by a high sense of self-esteem and confidence.