Ava Reilly

Writing Secret Admirer Letters - How To Do It The Right Way!

Lets state the obvious first...the most common writers of love letters are women. We as women are more emotionally charged and because of that we find the most inspiration in quotes.

Expressing Yourself To Your Partner...

One of the biggest things that hold someone back from expressing themselves and how they really feel is trust...it's not about touch but rather trust and believing in yourself. A huge reason why many people aren't expressive is because they are uncomfortable about something. Think back to the last person you started dating that you held back from...why was that?

Why Do I Miss My New Partner So Much? What Does It All Really Mean?

So you've been seeing your partner for a while now and you've been missing them a lot lately...now you're wondering why you're missing him when a few hours pass by? Well the most likely answer is that you are becoming emotionally attached to them...your feelings do get stronger over time and this happens when you are especially close to each other and tend to share almost everything.

Is This The Beginning Of A Relationship?

The start of any natural relationship is something that is always VERY exciting...the problem is knowing when you are actually in a natural relationship and "Exclusive" without having that conversation...

What To Do When The Guy You Like, Is Interested In Someone Else

So you’ve found someone that you like and haven’t quite plucked up the courage to say anything for whatever reason, most likely a fear of rejection.

When You Want Closure But Your Ex Wont Meet Up To Go Through Things

So you’ve been sitting around lately working out where your relationships went wrong and decided to pick up the phone and text or call your ex saying you wanted to catch up and find out where it all went wrong. Before you even know it, they’ve responded saying they don’t want to meet up because they don’t want to open up old wounds.

Why You Are Starting To Miss Your Boyfriend More Than Usual

So you have found yourself missing your partner more than usual and aren’t sure why.

Why Younger Generations End Relationships So Quickly

I’m still in my 20’s (late 20's) but have a pretty specific taste in men that has developed like a good wine.

What It Means When He Doesn’t Compliment You

I’ve dated men where this has actually happened, I have dished out the compliments and yet received nothing in return. It always made me wonder whether they actually felt anything for me and even more so made me feel so subconscious.

Why Dating When You’re Bored Is A Bad Idea (I Ended Up With The Worst Kisser Ever!)

One of the experiences I had when dating because I was bored ended up being one of the worst things I had ever done.

Men Settle In Sex But Women Settle In Relationships

I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine who is quite emotionally damaged.

What To Do When He’s Read Your Message But Doesn’t Respond Straight Away

We have ALL been there. When you send a message to someone you like, they have their stupid read receipts on and they don’t respond.

Do You Ever Feel Like You Just Don’t Have Time, Yet Your Actual Age Is Quite Young?

I’ve been through quite a lot in my life, relationships that have been a massive high and then crashed and burned, I had cancer when I was...

Why Younger Women Are Attracted To Older Men

There have been many times I have sat either talking to friends or even a psychologist or two and they have told me that my attraction to an older man or dating older men has something to do with “Daddy Issues”. Anyone who has been or is currently going through this would have heard this line before themselves. I can say in my experience, it’s not true.

Dating The Man Going Through A Custody Battle

Back in May I met a man who I really wasn’t that interested in physically but I found him funny.

How Anxiety Ruins Even The Best Relationships

When I decided to write this article I wasn’t quite sure how to start it but I knew that it was important to put out there for anyone going through what I was or at the beginning of it.

Should You Trust Zodiac Signs And Astrology When It Comes To Dating?

I’m sure we have all been there, you meet someone you’re interested in and find out what their star sign is, you go and check it against yours and it says you’re not really that compatible. This is a difficult one because when you get caught up in believing this to the letter it can be quite detrimental to your love life.

When He Rarely Messages You First But Will Always Message You Back Straight Away

I suffer from anxiety so a read receipt on an iPhone is my worst enemy, especially when I sit there wondering why he had the time to read my message a few hours ago but hasn’t bothered to respond yet, or to make it worse I am always sitting there thinking, why am I the one that always has to put the effort in.

Reality Check: He Will Never Leave His Wife For You

So you’ve probably been in a relationship with someone who is married, a lot of women out there have and I am happy to put my hand up and say I have to.