Audrey Rush

We’re Living In An Age Where People Have Forgotten The Importance Of Physical Touch

Society has found it fit to change a lot of things. One of these things is it’s view on physical touch. Apparently, hugging and patting are not fine anymore, and it could actually get you into trouble.

6 Toxic Arguing Techniques Used by Narcissists and Manipulators

It is practically impossible to have a normal and healthy discussion with a narcissist, sociopath or psychopath.

Don’t Get Rid Of Your Belly—Guys Like A Little Jiggle

If you think the perfect flat stomach matters to a guy, then think again. As it turns out, most guys like women with a bit of a jiggly belly.

10 Rare Qualities Only Genuine People Possess

Shakespeare clearly said it a couple of centuries ago: “This above all: to thy own self be true...”

5 Things You Should Know Before Loving A Girl With A Toxic Ex

Love is a beautiful thing. And it can be somewhat of a challenge when you fall for a girl who doesn’t seem to believe in love due to the toxic relationships she has suffered at the hands of her ex.

Abuse Protection – Learn To Turn Off Gaslighters

In case it’s not clear what gaslighting means, this is an underhanded and bossy form of psychological manipulation.

This Is How Narcissists Play The Victim And Twist The Story

Narcissists are well-known for their destructive social behaviors.

Here’s How Every Man Pushes Away The Woman Who Wanted To Be “His”

She has made you her first priority, but instead, you treat her like an option.

6 Reasons Why You Just Need A Good Beer, Not A Boyfriend

Love has become a cultural obsession. And so, many are on the hunt for the perfect man who will fulfill their fairytale fantasies in order to unlock the door to a happy life. But that’s where people go wrong – believing that they need love to have good lives.

The Bigger, The Better! Science Proves That Women With Big Butts Are Smarter And Healthier

In this modern age, people are having high concerns about their looks, body awareness, and acceptance. And most individuals are becoming more comfortable with a variety of body types which might differ with modern beauty standards.

Drinking Heavily Is A Sign Of Greater Intelligence, Says Research

People have loved drinking alcohol for many, many years.

I Hope Hurting Me Will Haunt You Forever

I have always been the forgiving type. I was always the kind of girl who did her best not to hold onto any grudges, however badly and unfairly I was treated.

Husbands Just As Stressful As Children To Their Wives

In families, wives have a disproportionately greater burden, particularly in families with kids. Women have to juggle a lot of responsibilities. In addition to being moms, they have to be devoted wives, expert chefs, and caring and comforting companions.

All Grown Up And Mature? Here Are 12 F**ks You Shouldn't Give Anymore

Here are some f*cks you should no longer give because it is not worth it anymore.

10 Signs You're Ready To Let Go And Move On

Life is based on dynamics of holding on and letting go.

8 Types Of Attitudes Only Best Friends Would Display

Aristotle, one of the greatest philosophers, said that his best friend was the man who wished him well for his sake and not for the man.

Second Thoughts About Getting Personal In The Work Place

Nelly laughs lightly as she enters the office. The manager holds her by the waist, and the door locks behind them. She’s been away on a business trip for one week.

15 Quotes On Love, Life And Peace By John Lennon

A mistake is only an error; it becomes a mistake when you fail to correct it.

The Five Things Men Experience When They're Falling In Love With You

The struggle to find the perfect partner is a universal one, and it can be difficult to tell when someone's actually falling for you.

The 5 Differences In The Way Men And Women Experience Falling In Love

Men and women enter into romantic relationships for a variety of reasons. While love is the glue that holds most relationships together, men and women experience it in very different ways.