Audrey Rush

17 Problems That Women Who Are Naturally Loud Have To Deal With

Women are known to talk a lot, and at the top of their voices.

The Return Of Granny Panties And Why We Couldn't Be Happier

When most people hear the words granny panties, what comes to mind are the words old, boring and ugly.

6 Sure Signs You're Finally Over Your Ex

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10 Harsh Truths That Many People Are Reluctant To Admit

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Six Toxic Zodiac Combinations That Are Physically Compatible

Passionate and destructive relationships can be the most fun, but they are the most dangerous relationships one can ever have. It is not rare to find two people who have hopelessly fallen for each other, being physically compatible but having a relationship that is completely toxic. If you are in a relationship like this, read to find out why this might be the case.

Fight For Your Career: Power Ladies

"If you want something done, ask a man, If you want something done right, ask a woman"

Second Thoughts About Getting Personal In The Work Place

Nelly laughs lightly as she enters the office. The manager holds her by the waist, and the door locks behind them. She’s been away on a business trip for one week.

8 Things The Guy Who Is Going To Date My Sister Needs To Know

Just so we are clear from the get-go, my sister is the only sibling I have and will go the extra mile to keep her entirely happy.

17 Habits That Prove You’re A Confident, Independent Woman

If you think that you’re not independent enough according to the standards of modern society, well you’re wrong. Lots of women think that they need to be more independent even though they already are. Here are 17 telltale signs that you’re already an independent woman.

My Reasons To Stop Dating

People say dating offers a magical experience, but I have grown tired of it. Yes, in the beginning, it is all fun and excitement, but as time passes, it starts feeling like a burden. It leaves me feeling like a bird with its wings clipped.

Researchers Say - Taking A Hot Bath May Burn As Many Calories As A Run

Too tired to take a run? Who needs to? Research says that taking a hot bath might be just as effective and taking a run!

Are You A Boss Or A Master Manipulator?

Most people think about power as being important but they may not realize that having authority and impact is actually the key to making real change in the world.

Kitten-Fishing: A New Dating Trend

Another trend has hit the dating world: kite fishing. It's like catfishing when somebody fakes their true identity; however, it is MUCH more subtle! Here is how you can avoid being kittenfished, and what you need to know.

How Far Are We In Developing A Real Artificial Intelligence

Sometimes, we wonder if robots will ever be created in our lifetime. With all of the work we need to do, it’s hard not to imagine if machines accomplished these tasks instead. So while you’re dreaming of the possibilities, scientists have been working hard to make this dream a reality. But, how far along are we in creating artificial intelligence? Let’s find out.