You May Have Broken Me, But You’ve Made Me Realize My Worth

I always dreamt of a life with you, and I chose you even when I had good friends and my beloved family. I trusted you though I always wanted to be an outgoing lady with my friends. But I neglected them because you were worth the attention. Sadly, you broke my heart, but you made me realize my worth. Thank you for treating me the way you did. I learned my lesson, and I realized how I am supposed to be treated.

You let me know that I need someone who can bear my flaws and guide me on the right path. I deserve someone who makes me feel confident and good about myself. Someone who will tolerate me for everything. A person who won’t try to change me but letting me be myself. Did I deserve to cry every other time?

When I needed you the most you were not there, and you didn’t show any attention but I realize that I need someone who would stay with me in my ups and downs. Thank you for cheating on me. It has dawned on me that it wasn't really my fault that you left me for another person. But I thank you because you unknowingly gave me more days of happiness than agony and pain.

You felt no love for me, but now I’ve learned to love myself. I’ve learned to bear my scars. I can even smile on my darkest days. My imperfect body and my stretch marks that you always criticize me for. From the day I set my foot in a relationship and then the day that destroyed my heart, I realize that I had to unleash my real potential and nurse my deepest wounds. I buried my face on my pillows as I wept bitterly, but I realized I am a strong woman.

Finally, I realize that you are the worst thing that ever happened to me. I thank you because now I know how to stand for myself. I can tell a good relationship from a toxic one. You shattered my heart into tiny bits maybe you thought I would not recollect myself again. But I will pick all the broken pieces and I will one day be happy again.

I was so ashamed that I was too ignorant for life, that I allowed you to intimidate me. I was even ashamed to tell my family and friends that we were still in a relationship together because what you did to me hurts the most. I nearly lost hope in life. I felt like my future was gone, but now I know it is darkest before dawn.

Today, I can't stand and say you saved me because I learned my lesson which redeemed me from lifetime pain. Thank you for making me realized my worth and potential. I feel relieved and energetic than ever. I wish you the best in life. Maybe we were not supposed to be together, but you played a role in teaching me that life is more than what I always imagined.