Three-Year-Old Boy Killed In Mosque Terror Attack As He Tried To Run Away

At least 49 people lost their lives as dozens more suffered injuries following shootings at two mosques in Christchurch on March 15.

A lone gunman started shooting worshippers and ended up creating one of the worst mass shootings New Zealand has ever seen. Many lost their lives and got serious injuries during the attack.

Among the victims was a three-year-old boy, Mucad Ibrahim. The boy was at the Al Noor mosque with his father and brother when the shootings began. His demise during the ruthless attack got more attention than most given the boy's age and innocence.

But at the time of the attack, the boy was with his father and brother, although the two managed to get away with their lives.

As the pair decided to play dead, the little boy decided to run out of the mosque as fast as he could. That decision ultimately led to the fatal outcome that befell him.

Once the situation was under control, the pair were in desperate search for Mucad with the hopes that he was among the survivors. But they could not find him.

It was at this point that the reality of what might have befallen the innocent boy began to dawn on them. At some point, it became pretty apparent that the boy had lost his life along dozens of others at the mosque.

The news would be confirmed later, and the family went on to share the news with friends on Facebook.

On social media, Mucad is described by his father as being very energetic and playful, and that he was always jovial.

His brother also shared a photo of him and his deceased brother saying that he was dearly missed.

There was also an outpouring of condolences from friends and well-wishers after the news was posted on social media to help console the grieving family.

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