This Woman Is A Genius! Perfect Exit Survey

Break ups! They are way too emotional at times. Sometimes they are fraught with crying, arguments, shouting and even more crying.

In the end, break ups are more often for the best, but too often we are left with unanswered questions.

When we leave a job for pastures new, we are often asked to complete an exit survey by our employer, just think how awesome it would be if we could do the same for the exiting partner in our lives.

Just imagine attaching the survey to an email and asking them to take a few minutes to complete and send back!

One woman called “Katie” has done just that. She has designed an exit survey, and she asks her exes to complete and return to her.

Katie asks what she has done to contribute to the demise of the relationship, and she asks what they have done wrong too.  

It’s not a blame and shame survey.

Katie wants to get to the bottom of what went wrong, so the same mistakes are not made again; sounds good solid adulting to me.

The first we heard about Katie’s survey was when her friend Abby posted the document on Twitter.

Katie sends the survey to casual dates as well as her serious long-term relationships. Katie may have admin based her relationships, but she is just working on looking for a long-term relationship that will last.

She has taken the emotions out of a break up, this won’t be ideal for everyone, but it sure seems to be working for Katie.

You Overthink Because You Overlove

You have a kind and generous heart with much love to offer. Thus, when you love that special someone, you’ll give everything to that person.

You don’t love half-assed. You love with your whole heart and without holding back.

You don’t love on a part time basis. You don’t invest half of yourself but give it your all.

You love from the depths of your heart. You love without regret, doubts, or fear. You love everyone around you, and you’ll do anything to see them happy.

That’s why you overthink because you want everything to be and remain perfect. Because you care and want your special someone to understand how much you love. An above all, you overthink because you take relationships seriously.

It’s a fact that sometimes your fears and insecurities play a significant role in your overthinking. You can’t avoid fearful thoughts and feelings that perhaps you’re wasting someone else’s time. Or you aren’t good enough. Or you don’t try hard enough to offer them what they need.

And when such thoughts cloud your mind, your emotions will start haunting you. Sometimes you’ll even feel worthless.

But You Overthink Because You Care Too Much

You have a big heart which is capable of loving any person on earth. And you genuinely care for the one who means much to you. You can even do anything to make them know you’re always there for them.

Thus, when you love someone that much and hard, you can’t avoid, self-doubt and curious thoughts. That’s why you overthink.