This Is The Age That Men Start Wanting Serious Relationships, According To Experts

Do you have a male friend that you have been going out with for a while now? If yes, do you know exactly what his intentions of hanging out with you are? Most men are really good at hiding their emotions when talking to you, but it's so difficult for them to hide their emotions when it comes down to their actions.

Most responsible men get to an age where they just want to settle down in a serious relationship and have a family of their own. However, they do not come out in the open and say it to you, because they think you might not be ready for that. As a woman, you should be able to tell that a man is at that age and wants to settle in a real relationship.

It is not hard to know if a man is at that age you simply start observing how he is behaving toward you. Men will unknowingly give you hints that clearly show they want a real relationship. This article will take you through some of the things you should look out for to know for sure if he is ready or not.

Romantic dates

One of the surest ways to know that a man is at an age where he wants a real relationship is by him asking you out on a romantic date. Going out on dates is a common thing nowadays, but if he asks you out using the word 'date’ instead of 'hanging out' then, he definitely wants something real. Friends hang out with friends, but people in a relationship go on dates.

Is he exclusive?

Another way to know that he wants a serious relationship is if he is becoming exclusive to you. A man usually wants to know a lady before being in a relationship with her, so if a male friend is not only asking for dates, but also some alone time to know you better, then he wants something real with you.

Is he protective?

Men are the head of their families, and they are known to protect their own. So if he all of a sudden gets involved in things that you do and tells you not to do something if it is wrong, then he is looking out for you because he wants to be with you. He will constantly agree with you on good things and try as much as possible to look out for your feelings too to avoid hurting them.

Is he consistent?

Another thing that will show you he wants something real is if he is serious about your commitments together. Does he always keep his promises? If you have plans does he show up on time or earlier? If yes and he is consistent about these things, then that shows that he treasures time spent with you and he would very much want to be in a real relationship.

If you have noticed the above signs from a male friend who you have been going out with, then it is clear what he wants. However, experts advise that you should take your time as a woman and get to know him well enough first to know his behaviors to see his true intentions.

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