The things you do not respect will become valuable gift for other person

Life is an endless mystery. A small thing that might not mean anything to some might be all someone else needs to feel complete.

Life teaches us lessons all the time, and it has countless ways of showing us how people view the world through the things that matter to them.

So, the thing you have little regard for could be an invaluable gift to another person.

For instance, differing opinions put a wedge between couples. It happens, and quite regularly I might add.

And often times, in such circumstances, bitter and regrettable heartbreaking words can be exchanged. The problem is that these words make things worse. All they do is cause harm. Sometimes the damage is too much, and there will be no way to get things back the way they were.

In this video, egos take center stage as the war of words turns into a physical confrontation that ends with the man’s belongings being thrown out into the street.

There was an attempted apology from the boyfriend, but when it was rebuffed, he responded with a slap. It was all in the heat of the moment.

During the heated argument, things were thrown through the window. They might be worth less than nothing to the person hurling them, but to the homeless man on the street, the dispensable pair of shoes is a godsend. The nice suit is also more than welcome.  

And he does look nice in these clothes! They are just his size.  

But the most unexpected thing happens as the woman leaves her boyfriend before taking off in her car with what she considers a more handsome replacement.

What she was yet to realize was that she was with a homeless man in her boyfriend’s clothes.

If not for anything else, that is quite incredible, right?

But I suppose everyone will have their own unique perspective on this. It’s all a matter of the lesson you learn from this interesting story.

Being put on the spot makes it harder for us to define our boundaries. In our attempts to appease the person giving us their attention, we agree to things without meaning to.

But failure to have boundaries lets other people force us into situations that make us resent them. As long as you think having boundaries makes you rude, the wrong people will continue to put demands on you and you will end up resenting them.

You also need to stop equating having boundaries with lack of compassion. Instead, see it as a way to have self-respect. After all, you wouldn’t go around imposing responsibilities on people if it would make them uncomfortable.

Before anyone can respect you, you have to respect yourself first.

So, don’t be in a rush to give a response the next time someone asks you for a favor. Take your time and think it over and then give an answer you will not regret.

It’s okay to be honest about what’s not okay and what is.